Another postcard from Austrialia

Posted: Tuesday, September 26, 2000

So, how are ya?

Every day for a week, on the way to rowing, our media bus passed Wonder World, a large amusement park usually called Wally World by Sydneysiders. For knackered (tired) journos locked in a seemingly endless procession of 16-18 hour work days it looked like the perfect break.

We found an afternoon where we could spare three hours and decided to give it a go (try it). It was spot on (perfect).

There are some great rides. My favorite was the Bush Beast, billed as the "biggest rollercoaster in the southern hemisphere." It's an old wooden coaster that rattles and bangs and shakes you as it throws you around the track.

One of my companions loved the Space Plunge, where you drop 200 feet in 3.8 seconds. "It felt like my insides were popping out," he said. A giant magnet stops you after you achieve 4 G's during the fall. Then there is the Demon which takes you upside down, forward and backwards, doing loops of all kinds.

Prices were reasonable, costing a little more than $10 U.S. for a half day ticket. The full-day, full-price ticket is about $22 U.S. Food was pretty cheap, although we didn't stop to try any because we wanted to hit as many rides as we could. The fairy floss (cotton candy) at $2.60 looked pretty tempting, though.

There were no long lines, but at each ride the attendant took a long time to explain safety procedures. They all had signs pretty much saying that you shouldn't ride unless you were I perfect health. Kind of made the rides more exciting.

The park closed at 5 p.m., which was good because we had to get back to work. We weren't bludgers (slackers), you know. After the Bush Beast rattled my brains, sitting down to write another story seemed almost easy.

Catch ya later,


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