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Posted: Thursday, September 26, 2002

Panthers host Wasilla, Kodiak, Palmer

The Skyview High School swimming and diving team played host to Wasilla, Kodiak and Palmer Saturday.

In the girls competition, Vanessa Williams led the Panthers with a second in the 200-yard individual medley and the 500 freestyle.

In the boys competition, the quartet of Merrick Jackinsky, Matt Bates, Clark Buffington and JM Revis teamed up for second-place finishes in the 200 medley relay and the 200 freestyle relay.

Wasilla, Kodiak, Palmer at Skyview



Team scores: 1. Wasilla, 132; 2. Kodiak 65; 3. Palmer, 65; 4. Skyview, 60.

200-YARD MEDLEY RELAY -- 1. Wasilla, 2 minutes, 12.64 seconds; 2. Skyview (Jackie Rainwater, Maia Matarrese, Kris Shedd, Rachel Beatty), 2:20.03; 3. Palmer, 2:25.15; 4. Kodiak, 2:29.82.

200 FREESTYLE -- 1. Atali Smith, Was, 2:10.20; 2. Nichole Miles, Kod, 2:16.40; 3. Ashley Risch, Sky, 2:17.49; 4. Erica Johnson, Was, 2:25.78.

200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY -- 1. Ali Willis, Was, 2:35.35; 2. Vanessa Williams, Sky, 2:37.26; 3. Macky Cassidy, Was, 2:40.09; 4. Rachel Beatty, Sky, 3:02.23.

50 FREESTYLE -- 1. Melissa Windel, Was, 27.52; 2. Rhiannon Elingson, Kod, 28.22; 3. Michelle Moore, Kod, 29.00; 4. Katlyn Griese, Pal,31.12.

1-METER DIVING -- 1. Cara Hesselbach, Was, 133.80; 2. Sonja Miller, Was, 102.80; 3. Caitlin Pettijohn, Was, 66.85.

100 BUTTERFLY -- 1. Ali Willis, Was, 1:10.92; 2. Tiffany Arnce, Pal, 1:26.36; 3. Arielle Parker, Kod, 1:26.97; 4. Aurora Johnson, Pal, 1:30.95.

100 FREESTYLE -- 1. Katie Shadrach, Was, 58.44; 2. Nichole Miles, Kod, 1:01.66; 3. Rhiannon Ellingson, Kod, 1:02.86; 4. Ashley Risch, Sky, 1:03.25.

500 FREESTYLE -- 1. Atali Smith, Was, 5:49.38; 2. Vanessa Williams, Sky, 6:18.98; 3. Whitney Bostick, Pal, 6:34.79; 4. Becky Kilfoyle, Sky, 6:59.00.

200 FREESTYLE RELAY -- 1. Wasilla, 1:55.25; 2. Kodiak, 1:57.44; 3. Palmer, 2:06.06; 4. Skyview (Vanessa Williams, Rachel Beatty, Kris Shedd, Ashley Risch), 2:10.90.

100 BACKSTROKE -- 1. Erica Johnson, Was, 1:12.61; 2. Melissa Windel, Was, 1:13.35; 3. Jackie Rainwater, Sky, 1:14.48; 4. Whitney Bostick, Pal, 1:20.04.

100 BREASTSTROKE -- 1. Katie Shadrach, Was, 1:18.67; 2. Katlyn Griese, Pal, 1:25.82; 3. Arielle Parker, Kod, 1:30.28; 4. Kris Shedd, Sky, 1:32.73.

400 FREESTYLE RELAY -- 1. Wasilla, 4:11.61; 2. Kodiak, 4:20.09; 3. Skyview (Ashley Risch, Jackie Rainwater, Becky Kilfoyle, Vanessa Williams), 4:25.85; 4. Palmer, 5:00.76.

Team scores: 1. Kodiak, 120; 2. Skyview, 53; 3. Palmer, 51; 4. Wasilla, 42.

200 MEDLEY RELAY -- 1. Kodiak, 2:01.40; 2. Skyview (Clark Buffington, Matte Bates, Merrick Jackinsky, JM Revis), 2:20.78; 3. Palmer, 2:22.61; 4. Wasilla, 2:32.63.

200 FREESTYLE -- 1. Nathan Rose, Kod, 1:54.50; 2. Alex Munoz, Pal, 2:08.08; 3. Merrick Jackinsky, Sky, 2:27.07.

200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY -- 1. Tyler Nusebaum, Kod, 2:33.53; 2. Matt Bates, Sky, 2:45.10.

50 FREESTYLE -- 1. Jeremy Zimmer, Kod, 25.59; 2. Chris Luther, Was, 27.26; 3. Clark Buffington, Sky, 28.62; 4. Tyler Svedin, Pal, 29.12.

1-METER DIVING -- 1. Jordan Cubbage, Kod, 202.55; 2. Chul Gibbs, Kod, 118.95; 3. Riley McCorkell, Was, 115.55; 4. Jerome Larson, Pal, 92.10.

100 BUTTERFLY -- 1. Tyler Nusebaum, Kod, 1:05.43; 2. Merrick Jackinsky, Sky, 1:15.62.

100 FREESTYLE -- 1. Ryan Bateman, Kod, 57.85; 2. Tyler Svedin, Pal, 1:05.03; 3. Wayne Willis, Was, 1:07.10; 4. JM Revis, Sky, 1:18.32.

500 FREESTYLE -- 1. Nathan Rose, Kod, 5:01.93; 2. Jacob Keplinger, Kod, 5:54.36; 3. Matt Bates, Sky, 6:33.28; 4. Clark Buffington, Sky, 7:46.90.

200 FREESTYLE RELAY -- 1. Kodiak, 1:52.15; 2. Skyview (Merrick Jackinsky, Matt Bates, Clark Buffington, JM Revis), 1:58.21; 3. Palmer, 2:17.18; 4. Wasilla, 2:28.53.

100 BACKSTROKE -- 1. Ryan Bateman, Kod, 1:05.63; 2. Alex Munoz, Pal, 1:10.98; 3. Chris Luther, Was, 1:14.17; 4. JM Revis, Sky, 1:36.81.

100 BREASTSTROKE -- 1. Jeremy Zimmer, Kod, 1:12.92; 2. Jacob Keplinger, Kod, 1:21.21.

400 FREESTYLE RELAY -- 1. Kodiak, 3:53.12; 2. Palmer, 4:05.66; 3. Wasilla, 4:47.64.

Running back practices with team

ST. LOUIS -- Marshall Faulk practiced with the St. Louis Rams on Wednesday, a sign that the running back could be ready to face the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

The team, which will be trying to end an 0-3 start, didn't have any immediate news on results of an exam on Faulk's strained neck, however.

Before practice, coach Mike Martz said he was hopeful that team doctors would clear Faulk.

''He doesn't have any neurological problems in terms of numbness, so they felt good it may not be a disc issue,'' Martz said. ''He feels much better, so hopefully we'll have him.''

Cards, Rolen close to $90 million, eight-year deal

Scott Rolen, headed to postseason play for the first time in his career, and the St. Louis Cardinals are close to finalizing a $90 million, eight-year contract, sources told The Associated Press.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch first reported the length and value of Rolen's possible contract.

Traded from Philadelphia to the Cardinals on July 29, Rolen was eligible for free agency after the season.

Jordan announcement expected soon

WASHINGTON -- Reiterating what he first announced a year ago, Michael Jordan is expected to issue a statement later this week confirming he will play a 15th NBA season.

Jordan signed a two-year contract with the Washington Wizards when he ended his second retirement. Despite missing 22 games with knee problems last season, he said he planned to fulfill the contract if he felt physically able.

Jordan has said he would make a ''last-minute'' announcement about his playing status. The Wizards open training camp next Tuesday in Wilmington, N.C., where Jordan grew up.

Rangers' Bure to have knee surgery

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- New York Rangers forward Pavel Bure tore cartilage in his twice-rebuilt right knee and will have arthroscopic surgery Thursday. Bure will have an operation to fix a posterior tear of the medial meniscus, the cartilage that serves as a shock absorber, team trainer Jim Ramsay said. An MRI on Wednesday revealed no ligament damage. The team won't know how long Bure will be out until after the operation, to be performed by Dr. Andrew Feldman.

If no additional damage is found during surgery, his knee will not have to be immobilized, and rehabilitation can begin 2-to-4 days later.

Bure was hurt Tuesday night during New York's exhibition game against the New Jersey Devils. This injury is usually caused by a twisting or a hyperextension of the knee, Ramsay said.

The 31-year-old Bure doesn't know exactly how or when he was injured but said that the knee started bothering him between the second and third periods of the Rangers' 2-1 overtime loss.

''I can't really explain it, it's just sore,'' Bure said Tuesday. ''Pretty much my whole knee is sore.''

The Russian Rocket, whose high-flying offensive game centers around his quickness, didn't have the knee wrapped, nor was ice applied as he spoke to reporters on Tuesday. He had a slight limp as he walked.

Bure played 5:51 in the third period, recording two of his three shots in the game and assisted on New York's only goal. He was on the bench in overtime and wanted to play, but coach Bryan Trottier thought better of it.

''I think it was smart of Bryan because it's only a preseason game and it's better to be safe than sorry,'' Bure said.

Trottier said Bure ''was chomping at the bit. He is a warrior.''

The right wing, acquired last season by New York, is quite familiar with injuries to his troubled right knee.

In March 1999, shortly after a big trade sent him from Vancouver to Florida, Bure had the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee replaced for the second time in less than four years.

Before that operation, Bure underwent surgery to repair torn cartilage, which also revealed the ligament damage. He tore the same ACL and required surgery in November 1995.

He returned to score 23 goals in 1996-97 and 51 the following season. Bure later led the NHL in goals in consecutive seasons, scoring 58 in 1999-2000 and 59 more the following season.

Bure had 12 goals and eight assists in just 12 games last season with the Rangers following the March 18 trade that brought him to New York from Florida.

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