Overlooked taxes need to change

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Years ago, to encourage settlements in certain areas, the U.S. government "subdivided" government land to create hundreds of small parcels (and?) affordable lots and sold them to the public. Although the government's intent was to increase the population, many buyers took advantage of the deal and bought numerous adjacent lots to increase privacy or for later resale.

Instead of taxing each individual lot, the Kenai Peninsula Borough generously allowed the owners of these subdivided parcels to consolidate their individual lots into one, thus providing this select group with a substantial tax break. To cover the resulting and continual loss of tax revenue over the years, the borough steadily increased the taxes owed by other property owners.

This practice is unfair and needs to stop. It's time for Mayor John Williams to fairly assess each individual lot as subdivided and as required by state law, and collect the taxes that are due

If the individual lot owners want to continue their long-lived tax advantage and not be taxed on an individual tax basis, they can vacate the lot lines and create one lot.

Roger Laber


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