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Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When running for City Council, I stated that it was my intent was to give back to my community. As a member of the Council, I have expanded my knowledge to better serve this end.

My recent experience with my son's illness provided me with a first hand view of the kindness and goodwill that a community is capable of showing. Serving as Mayor is my opportunity to give back to the people of this community. We live in a great place; a great place to raise kids, live and work.

I would like to see the city develop and begin the implementation of a plan that pictures what Kenai will look like in the near and distant future.

Soon there will be a section of Kenai that houses large stores. With this in mind, I ask myself the following questions: How do we develop the rest of our town to ensure there is a place for other businesses to build and thrive? How do we do this in a way that ensures the things that endear Kenai to its citizens remain intact? What areas of the city are best for which uses and how can the city promote these uses to business and individuals?

I think we of the city of Kenai should be asking these questions and looking to find the best answers.

The responsibility for city assets is a serious one. As land is our greatest asset we should ensure that present and future citizens enjoy the benefits. I believe the City should look toward long-term leases as an alternative to sales of commercial land. Assets should be managed with great foresight and consideration especially with regard to the transfer of ownership.

When my children's children live in Kenai my hope is that they can be able to realize that the citizens responsible for the city before them were thoughtful in providing for a healthy and productive future of our town.

It is important that all citizens have access to the City's business. I would like to see that all citizens have access to the business of the city. While the Council is currently considering delayed broadcast of meetings, it is my belief that we should use as many mediums as possible to reach as many citizens as possible.

There are some that would limit what mediums are available thus limiting the number of citizens that would have access to the recordings of Council information. Why would anyone not want to broadcast council meetings in as many forums as possible?

If you have thoughts and concerns about city government I will appreciate hearing them. I may not always agree, but I will always listen.

Please do not hesitate to contact me either now or after the election at 283-0820.

It has been a pleasure and honor to serve the people of this community so far. I would feel the same about being your Mayor.

Thank you.

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