Davis: Mayor should be an ambassador to city

Posted: Friday, September 26, 2008

Age: 55

Occupation: Vice president/project manager, Alaska Roadbuilders

Family: spouse: Deborah F. Davis; children: Tonja Updike, Tammy Davis; grandchildren: Cy, Garrett and Emma

Education: Graduate of Glacier High School, Seattle; 2 years general engineering studies, High Line Community College, Seattle

Organizations and special interests: Board member, Teamsters 959; Apprenticeship Training Trust

Previously held elected office and experience: Soldotna City Council 1985-88 and 1989-94

Ways for voters to contact you: Cdavis6651@aol.com, ell: 907-741-1153

1. What do you think the role of Soldotna mayor should be?

The role of the mayor is to act as ambassador, to guide and promote the city both locally and state wide, while working with the city manager and borough government to help facilitate the comprehensive plan, etc. The mayor also presides over city council meetings, votes in the event of a tie, and has limited veto power, while helping guide the council in a cohesive direction that will best suit Soldotna's future.

2. Where do you think the Soldotna cemetery should be located? Why?

There are still many unanswered questions concerning this issue, and as of yet there is no majority consensus on where it should be located. The city needs more public input and involvement, as well as education on specific details involving the cemetery. Including, is there a design plan, or is a crematory included? I believe there may be a need for further research into available areas. It is the responsibility of the mayor on this issue to facilitate discussion, and explore alternatives.

3. How will not taxing groceries in the off-season impact the city's budget?

The city provides many services for people outside of our City borders, for example, the City provides for police protection and road maintenance within our school zones, the city maintains our community parks and the sports center, all of which is utilized by residents outside the city boundaries. It's my opinion sales tax is the fairest funding for these services. Since, there are not many avenues open to the city to replace monies lost from a grocery tax, the first tax to be raised would be property taxes, further burdening Soldotna residents. In conclusion, it is time we start planning for self-sufficiency and not relying on the Federal and State governments to bail us out, since there might come a time in the near future where the help might not be available.

4. What is the biggest issue facing Soldotna? How would you address it?

Soldotna has established itself as a bedroom community and is home to many workers from the large North Slope oil fields. With talk of new mega projects across the state and our own back yard, I believe Soldotna needs to be prepared for the influx of new families wanting to move to our community. With our very limited borders we need to encourage our neighbors to consider annexation, however, with growth comes the need for new services, such as fresh water and sanitary sewer, both of which may not be able to handle much more growth.

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