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Posted: Friday, September 27, 2002

Paul Fischer

Borough Assembly

District 7

Last year the people of my assembly district elected me for a three-year term. Due to redistricting this term was truncated. The present election is for a two-year term, which would complete the original three-year expectation. I would appreciate the support and vote of voters in the new precincts of: Central, K-Beach, Ninilchik and Kasilof.

If you are uncertain about your new district you may call the borough clerk at: 262-4441 ext. 308 for up-to-date information.

The borough has done an excellent job of funding education at the highest level allowed by law. I hope to see this continue.

The finances of the borough are in excellent condition and the mill rate has been decreased for each of the last two years. I will work hard to see this trend continue. Of course, there are still needs to be addressed!

The various service areas are doing good jobs. I rarely get constituent complaints other than road concerns from constituents. There is room for better borough road maintenance not only for snow removal and breakup but also for year-round maintenance. We need to continue improving our road service.

More and more, I hear voters giving up on voting or testifying before the assembly. When the people vote favorably on an issue such as term limits and the assembly ignores the vote, or they are unable due to timing to participate or understand assembly actions, frustration and despair is natural.

We need to bring these people back into the process.

A needed correction is the elimination of the meeting of the assembly of the whole held prior to the 7 p.m. scheduled meeting. These afternoon meetings eliminate participation in the meetings or seeking election by the majority of citizens who are employed during those hours. Testimony is provided to the whole assembly during these committee meetings. Many decisions are made based on these afternoon meetings. Citizens attending or listening to the borough-paid radio programming of the regular assembly meeting that evening have no idea what transpired at the afternoon meeting. They don't understand what may have influenced votes and actions taken during the regular assembly meeting.

If a need exists for committees, they could be formed and composed of just a few members (not the whole assembly) to meet just prior to the regular meeting. Reports of this committee meeting should be made during the regular assembly meeting prior to votes on the issues discussed. A respect for the results of the votes of the citizens is also vital to revive voter confidence.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough has been home to my family for over 33 years, our children have benefited from the excellent education system, and we have enjoyed the lifestyle of the peninsula and look forward to spending our remaining years on the peninsula. I care about the future direction of the borough and about our friends and neighbors and how the decisions of the borough assembly affect them.

Overall the Kenai Peninsula Borough is the envy of many political subdivisions. I am asking for your vote Tuesday -- so I may continue to work on your behalf to keep it so.

Paul Zimmerman

Borough Assembly

District 7

As with many of you, my wife and I, with our young son, came to this area on our way to someplace else. We stayed for a time and now, 26 years later, we still haven't gone on to that someplace else.

The people and the quality of life afforded by this area, caused us to want to be a part of this community, and raise our small family right here.

In our early years here on the peninsula, we were fortunate to meet some of the wonderful people that settled in this area before us. Always gracious, these earlier residents shared with us their lives and their way of life. I won't name names but we feel extremely fortunate to have those experiences to reflect on.


Paul Zimmerman

Our good fortune in settling on the peninsula isn't measured in terms of monetary wealth but in the wealth of a quality of life not enjoyed by many in this world. We are also extremely fortunate that our son, and his family, which includes our new grandson, lives and works on the peninsula.

It has become my desire to participate in a more pro-active role in this community by offering to become an assembly representative.

My thoughts on our representative form of government are that the public is best served by a representative that will inform their constituents about upcoming issues and spend the time needed in service to make the wishes of the people known and to vote accordingly. I pledge to work diligently to protect your interests and appreciate your consideration. Please don't hesitate to call me with your concerns.

Milli Martin

Borough Assembly

District 9

Home is where the heart is! Mine has been in the log home and lands above Homer since 1980. I've remained active within the community continuously.


Paul Zimmerman

I am just completing my second year of a three-year term on the assembly, and I'd like to finish that term. There are numerous issues facing the borough and especially District 9.

Finances and working with the state Legislature is paramount as discussed in the questionnaire. Because of my four-year tenure on the Kachemak Bay Advisory Planning Commission, I take particular interest in planning issues, as I recognize how vital that is to a growing community. The land classification process that was started three years ago is just now gearing back up. There needs to be a review of what exists around these parcels, and

develop, with public input, a plan for the future. I have also been working with the administration on the new rifle range, as well as the Jack Gist Park. Both will be wonderful additions for our area.

The comprehensive plan is overdue the 10-year review and rewrite. This was funded by the assembly last year, yet it languished until recently. The comprehensive plan is the borough guide for all planning over the next 10 years, and it is critical that it reflect the current wishes of peninsula residents.

I am a member of the Slaughterhouse Feasibility Study Committee, a study that is looking very promising. Similarly, I'd like to continue to be involved in the development of grazing leases for the large parcels on the southern peninsula. This not only supports our farm industry, but also maintains traditional recreation opportunities for all residents. I do not, however, support large livestock industry, such as the Pork Project. There must be a careful balance and protection of our lands and waters.

During these two years I supported reducing the property mill rate. I was the sponsor of the roads ordinance to require road construction to borough standards before final plat. I actively supported the formation of Kachemak Emergency Service Area. They have come a long way in a short time and have equipment on line and operating, and are planning for their McNeil Canyon station.

There exists a unique situation within KESA, in that the Eastland Fire Department, an independent department, was authorized to operate by the state, after KESA was formed. Nowhere else in the state exists such an overlap. It is new ground. There are issues of potential interagency agreements and liability that need to be addressed. I foresee a need for negotiations if funding is to be extended to Eastland. Eastland is considered by many in the area a first line of defense and strongly supported for that. It is a true Catch-22 situation with no easy answers, but I am not afraid to work on it.

The past two years went by awfully fast. The assembly keeps one busy. I have truly enjoyed meeting and working for the wonderful folks of District 9, and hope they will allow me to complete my term.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.


Faith Schade

Faith L. Schade

Borough Assembly

District 9

The morning I decided to run for Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly Seat 9 it was raining, and with the rain came a period of down time from hauling in round bales off the fields.

With the new school year quickly approaching, I switched gears to getting my two children ready for school. For anyone with school-age children this is a time of stress and anticipation. I volunteer at McNeil Canyon where my children go and I have had to watch our staff go through some major cuts these past four years. The staff, with the help of parent volunteers and grant money for special areas, makes the school a great place for my children to learn.

I simply decided to do more, and to do that I would run for borough assembly. This was my initial reason for running. Since I filled out the form and got on the ballot it has became so much more.

People have asked me what my agenda is for running. It is simple. What are your desires for your assembly person? I will be there to work for you. I do not have a personal agenda, I have a public one.

If I am elected, it is my desire to hold a constituents meeting once a month at various locations in my district.

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