Candidate profile: Heidi Fielding

Borough needs alcohol tax before bed tax

Posted: Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Residence: 1441 Ocean Drive, Homer, AK 99603

Mail address: P.O. Box 1050, Homer, AK 99603

Contacts: 235-6339

Age: 44

Years in Homer: 4

Family: Husband, Larry, and six children

Occupation: School district employee

Education: High school graduate

Previous elected office: N/A

Organizations: Boy Scouts of America, church membership, Homer Mariner Football Booster Club

1. Do you support Propositions 1, 2 and 3?

Prop 1, I don't support a ... Bed Tax. ... There is always a 1 percent or even 1/2 percent Income Tax to consider ... The vitality of the community comes from the tourist industry. ... They are taxed by sales and services anyway, but we who live here ... receive the benefits of the money we generate for my own community ... .

Prop 2: ... I believe it is good for communities to have Emergency Services in their area, The price seems a little steep. Part of the cost ... would be to support the employees ... . That would seem to be an on going expense ... . We will all benefit, because we all pass through and travel these roads ... .

Prop 3: Bridges to connect communities and river areas are vital, like blood vessels through a body. It all functions better when the body is healthy and flowing as it should. Those communities could open up to further developement and housing.

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2. Do you support Propositions 4 and 5? Why?

Prop 4, Referring to $1,000,000 going for Capital Improvements in a particular area of service, being proposed by ballot and voice of the voters of that service area for approval by 60 percent of the voters, seems to be fair. So, I would vote Yes, on Prop 4. The People should have a right to know what projects exceeding one million dollars would be occuring in their districts. When the facts are presented to them, I believe they can make informed decisions and then they will be responsible for the ramifications of their decisions at the polls.

Concerning Prop 5, I too, ... do not want to be taxed to suffocation. On the other hand, I truly think improvements to our society have to continue. The schools are already working on extremely tight budgets. We cannot remove funding where moneies are needed the most. I don't believe I will be supporting Prop 5. ...

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3. Should the borough consider assuming new or expanding existing powers? Why?

I spoke the other day on KBBI public radio, through a forum set up by Mike Mason, about this issue of possibly expanding Borough Powers to include a New Borough Wide Police Force. At this time, I don't beleive it's essential, I think as the Borough Population increases it should be looked into quite seriously. Public forums and public meetings should be organized to get the with all the municipal police departments and citizens. Organizing and manning qualified officers/troops to enforce Borough Wide Legislation, and house law breakers, and of course to be a Positive influence in the Communities in which they serve and live would be of a serios concern to us in the future when the Borough population increses toa preset mean average.

4. What actions would you recommend if faced with declining borough revenues, increased expenses and a fund balance that is near its recommended lower limit?

I have been formulating several ideas for possible fund inhancement: such as a "False Fun Tax" on all Alcohol purchased in our Borough. Alcoholic beverages are oblivously not a life saving item, and should be taxed at a higher rate than any other purchaseable grocery item. A home to live in, utilities, foods and goods are imperitive living expences ... . The reason I refer to it as a False Fun Tax is that four young vibrant individuals are no loner with us, because of alcohol.

A possible minimal Land Fill charge for normal household garbage hauled by individuals to the Sites is a possible viable sloution. Also, there is always the idea to reduce and reuse whatever supplies and surplus we are privilaged to have in our Borough. I'd hate to think the hospitals and schools would have to suffer any significant shortages as to not to be able to perform up to their maximum standards. ...

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5. What makes you the best candidate for the job?

I have a new perspective, being fairly new to Homer. I can look at each issue from an unbiased predetermined agenda. I really have a deep heartfelt fondness for Alaska, I live in Homer and I love coming "home" over Bay Crest Hill. There is no other view, like it. The whole Kenai Peninsula is an artist's haven. I am an artist, I always get caught up in the moment of a scene, or flower, or riverbend, or snow capped volcano. I realize that I have an embryo size understanding of all things Alaskan, but I certainly have a desire for more knowledge. I have a desire to see children engaged in school acivities, and in the business of learning. I Would really like to see a Borough Wide Emergency contingency plan implimented, we are very vulnerable in this beautifully unpredicable geologial piece of the world.

6. What do you see as the important issues in your district and what will you do about them on the assembly?

I know the Material Sites Ordiance is a Hot Topic; ... I know that all those who are complaining about these Material Extraction Sites all have cement foundations and use paved roads to get to most homes. ... Essential building material have to be extracted from somewhere. Water that is safe to consume is also very essential to life, but the information if I understand it correctly has not proven that any material extraction site has contaminated an aquifer. ... I do suggest some more beautiful surrounding to these sites. Maybe some trees to fill up the emptyness and unattractiveness of the sites, would be appropriate. ... The Gold Mine across the Bay, which is coming is also a touchy subject. I say, Protect the environment to the utmost human ability and industry capacity, keep the fish and waters and habitats as healthy as possible and let the cash flow into community.

Editor's note: Candidate Fielding's answer was edited to fit a 150-word limit.

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