Candidate profile: Deborah Germano

Prop. 5 could threaten funding for schools

Posted: Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Residence: 1103 Krueth, Homer, AK 99603

Mail address: P.O. Box 1511, Homer, AK 99603

Contacts: 235-2538, home; 399-1087, work

Age: 47

Years in Homer: N/A

Family: Husband, Bill Holt, and two children

Occupation: N/A

Education: High school, apprenticeship through IBEW and electrical contractors

Previous elected office: School board (1995-present), two years as school board president

Organizations: Homer Chamber of Commerce vice president (1995) and board of directors (1993-95), Homer Little League board of directors, Homer Emblem Club

1. Do you support Propositions 1, 2 and 3? Why?

I don't have any strong thoughts about Prop 1 but I do not think it is unreasonable to have a "transit" tax. Just about anywhere we go we pay a bed tax. The larger question is how will the tax be used and will it be shared with the tourism industry and or cities? I do hope it passes so the discussion can continue.

I support Prop 2 because the service areas do. I think it is important to support each area project as they come. We will at some point be looking to borough residents for projects in our areas and we will need their support.

I support Prop 3, state construction of the Funny River Bridge. I do not support residents of the borough paying for it. If it requires borough support I would prefer a service area to effected properties.

2. Do you support Propositions 4 and 5? Why?

I do not support either Prop 4 or Prop 5. While I agree we need to continue to look at revenue and spending we need to continue to address the needs of the borough. The schools will feel the biggest impact if Prop 5 passes. For many years the borough has supported the school district to the maximum allowed by law, if Prop 5 should pass the Borough will be forced to look at its support for schools.

Prop 4 is interesting as it would require 60 percent approval for capital projects over $1 million. It seems obstructionist to me. If there is not support for a project by 50 percent plus 1 voter then that is adequate.

We elect people to represent our interests, the passage of either proposition is taking away choices that our elected officials have to balance the budget or improve capital assets. The better choice, to me, would be to elect people that will work for the balance of revenue and spending while still meeting the needs and wants of the citizens of the borough.

3. Should the borough consider assuming new or expanding existing powers? Why?

I am not sure, but at this time I would say no. We need to take care of current problems with revenue and spending before we put more on the plate.

4. What actions would you recommend if faced with declining borough revenues, increased expenses and a fund balance that is near its recommended lower limit?

That really is where we are headed. I do not have a specific plan, the assembly will have to work together to find the balance between what the citizens of the borough want and what people will pay for. We need to look at the long term impact of any decisions.

5. What makes you the best candidate for the job?

(Editor's note: No answer.)

6. What do you see as the important issues in your district and what will you do about them on the assembly?

We need a strong voice to represent Homer, remembering we are part of the borough and we must work together to address our needs as well as the needs of the borough.

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