Minority wins if props 4, 5 pass

Posted: Tuesday, September 27, 2005

On Oct. 4 the voters of the Kenai Peninsula will determine the viability and direction of the borough. Included in the decisions to be made are five propositions.

It is propositions 4 and 5 that concern me deeply. What follows are my personal opinions, only.

Proposition 4 would reduce the amount the borough assembly can approve for a capital project without voter approval first, regardless of funding source from $1.5 million to $1 million. That part of the proposition is OK either way in my book. If the proposition only stated that, I would not be concerned.

It is the requirement of 60 percent voter approval for any future projects, that I have concerns with. On the face of it, it sounds reasonable — a super majority, if you will. But the reality is that if this should pass, it is the minority who will prevail.

Let's say a measure receives 59 percent for, and 41 percent against. If Proposition 4 passes, then the 41 percent will overrule the majority! If Proposition 4 should pass, I could envision that the voters of this borough would wonder what is the purpose of voting in the first place and would feel disenfranchised.

Proposition 5 is a little more complex in my view, with the sales tax that will partially support schools, but it, too, has the 60 percent requirement for any changes in sales tax or the tax cap.

As stated before, I can envision, should this proposition pass, a minority of voters could usurp the desires of the majority. And that is just plain wrong.

Please do not allow propositions 4 and 5 to pass. Protect the rights of the majority voters on the Kenai Peninsula.

I urge you please to vote, and please vote "no" on propositions 4 and 5.

Milli Martin, assembly member, Homer

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