Soldotna City Council

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Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am now completing my three-year term as one of your representatives on the Soldotna City Council. I prefer to think of it as something akin to an apprenticeship. A learning experience if you please.

What I have learned these last three years is that there are some very good people working for you as employees, as volunteers and advisors. All good people with the best of intentions and whose opinions have great value to those who are charged with making final decisions. I hope everyone understands that their voices can only be heard and their counsel considered by taking the time to come to meetings to state their case.

I am just a retired old bureaucrat. I do not have a monopoly on the wisdom and knowledge necessary to make the right decisions necessary for keeping our community whole and healthy. I believe, and I am sure other Council members would agree, there is no substitute for public involvement.

Over the next three years there are many critical decisions that will need to be made. Our present City Manager has stated his desire to take his retirement soon and we will be searching for his successor. Several key professional employees are also at the point of retirement. We will be making decisions regarding airport expansion and operation, cemetery location, golf course acquisition, planning, zoning, river protection and the list keeps growing. Just as our community keeps growing. All are open to discussion. All cry out for public involvement.

Stay informed. Get involved. Come to the Council meetings and give me the benefit of your opinion.

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