Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's the deal?
What's the big cry about Todd Palin not appearing to testify in the Troopergate hearing? The last I heard, no one could make a man/woman testify for or against their spouse in this country.

Fish studies questioned
The Peninsula Clarion's recent article "China's bad air affects Alaska" (Aug. 8), greatly interested me. I became concerned about methyl mercury levels in halibut after reading the article Alaska fish receive clean bill of health published in 2003 in the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) and subsequently reviewed Oct. 10, 2004, in the Clarion. These articles, based on an Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) studies, suggested Alaska's seafood is free from contamination levels anywhere near numbers that should raise public health concerns.

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone
This letter concerns the proposed bailout of the financial industry being considered in Washington. I find the idea very disturbing. But, it seems to me that we can kill two birds with one stone, if they do it right. I don't know about you, but I have never heard any financial advisor, analyst, money manager, stock broker, banker or anyone like them ever advocate buying worthless stock from a company fraught with bad debts. Yet, our brain dead, lame duck president is suggesting we do just that. It reminds me of the failed businessman who said he knew he was losing money, but he thought that the volume would make up for it.

Musher, fisherman needs help
Braxton Peterson is one tough hombre, not typically the type of guy to request assistance, but he's asking for help this Sunday.

Candidates for mayor want to keep the best of what the city offers
As a leading national candidate continues trying to convince Americans they want to change, two candidates running for mayor of Soldotna are in no hurry to leave the small town look behind.

Water project stuck in the mud
Water project stuck in the mudMother Earth has impeded the progress of engineers trying to get city drinking water to Kenai Peninsula College, Soldotna council members learned Wednesday.

Photo feature: Ablaze
Brightly colored fireweed marks the end of the season earlier this week. Forecasters are calling for sunshine and blue skies this weekend.

Leon Gaston Quesnel
Longtime Kenai resident Leon Gaston Quesnel died Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008, at his home with his family by his side. He was 87.

Do candidates' views match those of voters?
Sure, the presidential election is a lot flashier than the municipal election coming up Oct. 7. But as voters consider national issues and candidates, we hope they also take some time to quiz those running for city and borough offices and see how the candidates' positions stack up against their own.

Candidate shares vision of city
Take just a moment to visualize driving one December weekend evening toward the Sterling Highway. Your vehicle is filled with your spouse, your college-aged son and friends that have returned for the holidays. As you approach the stoplight at Trustworthy, you feel the holiday spirit in the lights decorating the trees now lining the highway between the bridge and the Y.

KRSA wraps up successful season
As another fishing season comes to a close, those of us who are die-hard fishermen and women mourn the thought of that last fishing trip. While 2008 won't go down as the hottest year to fill the freezer, there were some highs worth noting.

Brown bear hunt canceled
Hunters can say goodbye to another brown bear season on the Kenai Peninsula, as the fall portion of the hunt has been canceled again due to too many human-caused killings of bears this past summer.

Photo feature: Hiding spot
A spruce grouse perches in an aspen after being startled from the side of Skilak Lake Road on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge last week.

Snowshoe hare population rebounding
The snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus) is a common resident of the boreal forests of North America. It ranges from the forested extents of northern Canada and Alaska southward to the northern U.S. border states and into the northern Sierra and central Rocky Mountains.

Davis: Mayor should be an ambassador to city
Age: 55

Micciche: Food tax prop negative for Soldotna
Age: 46

Stars, Kards set for battle
The winner of the Kenai-Soldotna game at 2 p.m. on Saturday will win the small schools state championship -- or at least that's the way it's transpired the past six seasons.

Soldotna aiming for region crown
Soldotna coach Dan Harbison knew his girls team would be good, he just didn't know the young squad would get this good this fast.

Finding the passion in one's sense of duty
Weren't the summer Olympics exciting? It is amazing what is possible for the human body to achieve when it is driven to what seems to be its limits.

Church Briefs

Grief support group to meet

Pivotal showdown in Buckeye State
Most of the country on Sunday won't see Cleveland and Cincinnati square off.

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