Murkowski sends wrong message

Posted: Monday, September 27, 2010

Having been raised on an Appalachian dairy farm, I was taught from an early age that one's word was his or her bond. Neighbors needed to know that they could count on each other. A sudden thunder shower could ruin dry hay in the field if a neighbor couldn't be counted on to help.

If a baler or tractor broke down, a neighbor was there to help without expectation of pay or indebtedness.

What message is Lisa Murkowski sending her constituents and the youth of this country? It's OK to promise to endorse the winner of her primary as long as she's the winner? Politics aside, this is a pitiful example of an adult in a position of leadership unwilling to be an example of character during a time when character and commonsense have been uncommon.

Larry R. Fay, Anchorage

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