Proposition requires more specifics

Posted: Monday, September 27, 2010

Reading the "Who's The Boss" article in Sunday's Clarion concerning Prop 2 brought some questions to mind. First, the Prop appears to add additional staff to payroll -- the new City Manager -- while hinting that other staff positions may be eliminated to help pay for this position. It further implies that if Prop 2 passes the assembly will have 60 days to put together a package for the new position. Since this would be a new position it seems that responsibilities, authority, position pay, reporting channels, and other benefits would need to be determined and voted on. Further, where's this person's office going to be and what is the cost of supporting that office. Will other subordinate personnel be required? If so, then the same questions need to be answered for them as I just mentioned for the Manager position. Finally, it is mentioned that the Mayor's pay may be cut to help fund the new position and some other personnel cuts may be made, as well.

Spending nearly 25 years in the military and managing a major division supporting two banks, a credit union, and a mortgage company, I have had to request increases in personnel, or establishment of new positions. I have never asked for these people using words such as, may, coulda, shoulda, might, possibly, or other vaguely descriptive words. Reasons, cost factors, responsibilites and gains were always the supporting information submitted with the request.

Seems to me we are being asked to vote for the proverbial, pig-in-a-poke. Perhaps the Clarion would publish more information that would give us folks out here on the peninsula a better basis to make our decisions.

Dean Hill, Sterling

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