Candidate Views, Assembly District 7: Mark D. Osterman

Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2004


  Mark D. Osterman

Mark D. Osterman

There are a lot of issues that face the Kenai Peninsula Borough and the people of District 7. The focus on the borough today should be on fulfilling its mandates and cutting its spending. The borough needs to live within the means of the taxpayers.

The assembly in 2002 decided to assist the backers of the Arctic Winter Games. Many assembly members think it is worth the effort. It is this uninhibited desire to spend our tax dollars that bothers me the most. Many of the present assembly members think that the borough's liability of up to $2.5 million outlay to earn $500,000 is good business. In other words, they want to exchange a $5 bill for a $1 bill. This is the recipe for bankruptcy.

Proposition No. 6 is another example of the borough's desire to abuse the taxes and the taxpayers. The people in the present fire district are going to vote to increase property taxes on the people in the non-fire district in District 7. Here is the catch: There will be no increase in services, no purchase of new equipment and no relocation of services closer to the non-fire district. What does this really mean? Better services for the present fire district at the expense of the non-fire district. No insurance rates will be changed just a tax for nothing.

My opponent wants you to believe that experience accounts for something. Yet, his experience is as a professional politician. Experience accounts for abuses in government: cronyism and good old boys. Experience develops who to believe and what enemies get shunned. Experience is just another excuse for special interests and personal preferences. Borough government needs community members to participate, not just the government pensioners.

The borough needs better roads. We need to cut non-essential services and put our money in things that help all our citizens and not to have a wonderful multi-million dollar party on the taxpayers. Adding insult to injury, they will take our money and still charge us admission.

This is why I am running for assembly in District 7: It is time for change. We need environmental protections and to fine and punish abuses. We need people running government that can understand the difference between exchanging a $5 bill for a $1, and that it is not a fair trade.

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