Public should get to vote on proposed Nikiski projects

Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2004

As a Nikiski resident and taxpayer, I take exception to this group that promotes taxing and spending other people's money. This small group of people has desperately tried to prevent the public from voting on their projects. Anyone who disagrees with them must not pay taxes and must be against sensible development. That doesn't pass the smell test!

Common sense would dictate that those who pay the taxes are also trying to control spending. Taxpayers want assurance that every tax dollar is spent for the greatest good of all.

The bond for the pool was paid off last year, yet the mill rate was not adjusted down accordingly. The board's excuse is that the Unreserved Fund Balance must be increased. That mandate would be almost met if there were no Community Center boondoggle.

However, with the Community Center in the budget, their projections postpone any mill rate decrease until after FY2008 if ever! This fully demonstrates that they have no intention of lowering our taxes, as we have every right to expect.

If the North Peninsula Recreation Service Area board is allowed to proceed with the acquisition of the elementary school and to assume responsibility for renovations, operations and maintenance, the mill rate, more than likely, will have to be increased again at some point. There are no free lunches on this boat.

For sensible conservative leadership on the NPRSA board, vote Vicki Pate and Dave Machado. If you want to have a say in how your tax dollars are being spent, vote yes on Propositions 3 and 4.

Barbara Mellott


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