Reminders abound that schools need to put emphasis on 3 Rs

Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A few months ago we had a chance to voice our opinions on funding issues of cocurricular activities at local schools. Voting on a proposition indicated a larger number of voters did not want to acquire funding and spend it as school board members and others wanted. Voicing my opinion that we ought to focus much more on the three Rs in the classroom than fun outside the classroom, others told me good luck even if the proposition voting agreed.

Well, they were right. The headlines of Sept. 13 and 15 demonstrated that cocurricular is as alive and well as ever. Apparently, never mind grades as a prerequisite to such activities. Interestingly, and a good barometer of our real concern over the three Rs, I watched a CBS commercial on a Regis Philbin songs advertisement which offered a music video including "When your smiling." Three days later, again on CBS and the 6 p.m. news was the disturbing account regarding foster parents' abuse of the children, including discipline using steal bars. When our children see such careless misspellings right on our television sets and their schools putting such emphasis on things unrelated to any specific course, what can we really expect?

Through the years, our economy, industry standards and just plain old common sense has taught us that accuracy is among the most important facets of success. Employers want accountability, employees want to be considered associates and everyone wants to be proud of their work and be recognized for it. I hope we are focusing on the proper methods of reaching and continuing these most necessary goals and values as America appears to be sliding (10th place in higher education per KSRM recently) in our position on the world stage.

Barrie Lowe


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