Public school a good system for education

Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I have only one question for Victoria Pate: Why exactly are you running for a position on a board you so adamantly do not believe in or support? Your views of KPBSD were very clear, disband the KPBSD and educate your children any way you see fit. And for those of you who chose to drop the ball, we the community will hold a fund-raiser so you can send your children to a private school. And aren't most home-school curriculum based on "government" school curriculum?

Our educators are trained to teach our children, and whether you choose to home school or send your children to a public school it is always the parents' responsibility to make sure your children are getting the education that they need.

I have witnessed numerous children transfer into public school after being home schooled only to find them sadly lacking in skills and the confidence that comes with a good education.

The government, though not always right, has tried to put standards in place so that all children are getting the same quality of education. Our educators have to be well educated now with proper degrees, with hours of on-hand training. Not every parent is equipped the same way. Our educators are not teaching our children to be better workers, soldiers, etc. They are teaching them to be betting people who are well educated.

I am proud to say my children attend school at Nikiski North Star Elementary. Our teachers and administrators are wonderful and my children are well educated. I am also a Christian who believes the outside world will reach my children at some point, and it's my job to instill morals and values that will help them make healthy decisions.

I have faith my children won't stray, because they have the Holy Spirit and Jesus to guide them. And that is what they learn from home, not school. Parents, get involved, be involved, stay involved. And please vote for Debra Mullins.

Teri Langston, Nikiski

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