Minority already does rule

Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'd like to respond to the letter to the editor claiming that the "minority should not rule" as an excuse to vote down propositions 4 and 5.

Currently, the minority does rule, as there's usually only about 25 percent of all the registered voters who even bother to show up to vote at borough elections.

When you consider that only about two-thirds of the people are registered to vote and one-fourth cast their vote, then a 50 percent majority actually represents less than 10 percent of the adult citizens who will be forced to pay more taxes, dragging 90 percent along.

I am certainly more than 60 percent convinced when I make a purchase and I feel that to require 60 percent of the voters participating in an election to raise my tax is reasonable and prudent.

It's interesting to see that the opposition against the people gaining control of spending by our borough government only object to the 60 percent majority issue, which is a small part of a much larger issue.

Those who vote against propositions 4 and 5 will be voting to raise my taxes. I'll be voting "yes" on propositions 4 and 5

James Mellott, Kenai

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