Elected officials need to have tools to manage effectively

Posted: Thursday, September 28, 2006

A small group of people are trying to mini-manage our borough. Didn’t we elect an assembly to make long-term policy decisions and to watch over revenues and expenditures? Doesn’t the borough try to hire the most qualified, most experienced and hardest working employees available?

That same small group of mini-managing people are trying to gain attention by filing Petitions of Recall. They plan to execute negative political campaigns. They file confusing ballot measures (Proposition 2), hoping the voting public will unknowingly support their cause.

The truth is Proposition 2 is all about giving our elected officials the tools they need to manage finances in the best interests of our citizens.

A “No” vote on Proposition 2 is a vote for schools! A “NO” vote on Prop 2 is a vote for senior services! A “No” vote on Prop 2 is a vote for reasonable property taxes!

Please do not allow a small group of people to speak for the majority. Please vote “No” on Proposition 2 on Oct. 3.

Mark and Anita Necessary


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