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Tourney a glowing success

Posted: Friday, September 28, 2007

As I drove down the road and rounded the corner by the golf course I could see glowing movement on the course. What is that? I ask myself. Now I remember the Glow Ball Tournament was going on. Golfers have to be crazy!

Hello and welcome to Bird Homestead Golf Course, located 11.8 miles out Funny River Road. We can be reached at 260-GOLF any time. The season is rapidly coming to a close and we are all having withdrawals and yet there is still some time left.

The Glow Ball Tournament was a huge success. We had 64 people out for the game. The glimmer of lights on the course looked like lightning bugs from the Midwest got lost up north. What a hoot we had.

We thank everyone who came out, a great showing from Birch Ridge Golf Course as well as a high amount of local people. The lateness of the ending hour made everyone a bit loopy, but when all the cards were in there were three pairs only a couple of strokes apart.

Roy Bird and Steve Tachick were first, Alan and Nan Weaver took second. The teams were randomly drawn and everyone was surprised at those results. Fun was had by all and the food was great.

The last men's night was Tuesday and there was a good showing. After play there was a sloppy Joe feed and so everyone went away happy.

Seniors was a bust this week. Daryl Jelsma and George McDowell were the only ones there. But they played anyway and had a good time. We thank them for coming this year, and hope to see them again next season.

Elmer and Pat will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary later this month in Florida. We wish them a happy anniversary and hope they have a great time while they are there. The entire Fam Damily will be there so we are closing the course early this year. We want to thank everyone for your great support.

I will have one more article next week, so enjoy the end-of-the-season golfing. The courses are all at their best. See you in a week. Keep putting straight, remember it is always a straight line to the cup!

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