Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Murkowski is good for Alaska
How would Miller have voted differently?

Proposition requires more specifics
Reading the "Who's The Boss" article in Sunday's Clarion concerning Prop 2 brought some questions to mind. First, the Prop appears to add additional staff to payroll -- the new City Manager -- while hinting that other staff positions may be eliminated to help pay for this position. It further implies that if Prop 2 passes the assembly will have 60 days to put together a package for the new position. Since this would be a new position it seems that responsibilities, authority, position pay, reporting channels, and other benefits would need to be determined and voted on. Further, where's this person's office going to be and what is the cost of supporting that office. Will other subordinate personnel be required? If so, then the same questions need to be answered for them as I just mentioned for the Manager position. Finally, it is mentioned that the Mayor's pay may be cut to help fund the new position and some other personnel cuts may be made, as well.

Miller's words, actions don't match up
Let me get this straight. Joe Miller says, "The nation suffers from an entitlement mentality." He went to West Point, which cost the taxpayers more than $250,000. Then he did a little time in the military (for that, I thank you), paid by the taxpayers. He took 67 federal payments for a farm in Kansas where he chose not to grow any crops. He was a state court magistrate, paid with public funds. He reportedly worked seven years for the Fairbanks North Star Borough, paid with public funds, although he won't list that work experience on his resum for some odd reason. And now he wants a job paid with taxpayer dollars. How do you spell "hypocrite," Joe?

Murkowski should withdraw
Sen. Murkowski,

Sign placement a poke in the eye
I acknowledge the right of a landowner to put up a sign supporting the candidate or cause of their choosing. However, I sometimes question the wisdom and motivation of doing so. Case in point here is the large "Porter for Mayor" sign on Dr. Todd Wortham's future office site across from Kenai High.

Thanks to those who made Octoberfest possible
On behalf of the members, listeners, and staff of KDLL, we would like to thank the members of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks Soldotna and Kenai Lodges for the 11th Annual KDLL Oktoberfest! We truly appreciate your efforts organizing and hosting this annual event.

Murkowski sends wrong message
Having been raised on an Appalachian dairy farm, I was taught from an early age that one's word was his or her bond. Neighbors needed to know that they could count on each other. A sudden thunder shower could ruin dry hay in the field if a neighbor couldn't be counted on to help.

Flu season on the horizon; flu shots available
With the feverish and achy flu season just around the corner, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is recommending residents to get their flu shots now.

Float trip ends with copter ride
Two canoeists were plucked from the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge on Monday after calling for help.

Teen's text leads to drug B-U-S-T
Two teens are expected to face drug charges after mistakenly sending text messages to a 12-year-old Soldotna girl over the weekend.

Murkowski focused on Miller in 3-way Senate race
Sen. Lisa Murkowski hopes to keep her job by running as a write-in, and to do that, Republican Murkowski is focusing her campaign on Republican nominee Joe Miller, instead of Democratic nominee Scott McAdams.

School roof repairs subject of bond prop 1
On Oct. 5 borough voters will be asked to weigh in on whether to borrow up to $16,866,500 in bonds to fix school roofs on 11 buildings across the Kenai Peninsula.

Run like the wind: Chilly temperatures, wind greet runners
For the second year in a row Soldotna's Luke Oliver took first in the 2010 Kenai River Marathon.

Comments on spill rules run the gamut
Legislators were peppered with suggestions and criticisms of Alaska's state oil spill rules, but there was also praise from some for the state's standards.

Under construction: Soldotna park, playground closed until Nov. 15
Construction will close the Soldotna Creek Park and adjacent playground until Nov. 15, or whenever construction finishes.

Paul Thomas Whitaker
Former Seward resident Paul Thomas Whitaker died Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010 in Bristow, Okla., of esophageal cancer. He was 71.

Around the Peninsula

Garden club plans bonus program

Best Friend

Kenai River Campus Student Health Clinic access expanded
When the KRC Student Health Clinic reopened this semester, students taking three or more credits who paid the student health clinic fee were eligible to be served for the first time.

Around the District

School board to meet

Ninilchik celebrates its 100th
Doug Blossom remembers when the Ninilchik School had only four classrooms, a utility room and an ice rink. In the 1950s, Blossom said that track and hockey were the big sports, and a station wagon served as the school bus.

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