Postcard from Australia

Posted: Friday, September 29, 2000

Howdy, mates,

I have to admit it. I'm a junk food junkie. I've now sampled munchies on five continents and I like them all. Australia's got some good tucker, but some of it's not worth a brass razoo.

The chocolate is great, from the Violet Crumble (like a Nestle crunch with honeycomb chips) to all kinds of Cadbury bars, including Cherry Ripe, kind of a Mounds bar with cherry mixed with the coconut. At the Main Press Center the chocolate is by far the favorite snack. It costs from $2 to $4 Australian.

You can't find potato chips, but you can get potato crisps, and they taste a little greasy to me (as if a little grease ever bothered me). If you ask for chips at Mackas (McDonald's) you'll get french fries. And I've seen sever Mac cafes that offer espresso and desserts.

Ice cream seems to be very popular. You see people walking around everywhere with cones or specialty bars. I had a mango ice cream cone today. Yummy! At sidewalk stands you can get a golden gay time (chocolate covered ice cream bar with crunchy bits) for $2 Australian (or about $1.10 U.S.), a Calippo (citrus ice pushup) for $2.50.

You can get a milk shake, but that's all it is, shaken milk. What you really want is a thick shake, for about $3.60. Or you can drink moo juice, a tasty lemon drink from Coke that I hadn't seen before, or even Japanese green tea in a can, hot or cold.

Besides the normal things like Twisties (like Cheetos), they have chicken twists (like Twisties except they're chicken flavored), and burger rings. I'm only eating the chicken twists because they come with a Pokemon card. What we won't do for our kids.

Aussies call gyros kebabs and they're still great. Beef pies are out of this world delicious and cheap (about $3 Australian). Hot dogs have been so-so but they have all kinds of sausages, also called snags, bangers, snarlers, snorkers and mystery bags.

Just writing about this makes me think I could eat a horse and chase the jockey. Think I'll pop out and find some nibblies. If only I could find a Mally's bagel.



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