SoHi girls nab third at state

Weimer finishes third; Mohler, Beeson pick up fourths

Posted: Sunday, September 29, 2002

Seward, Cook Inlet Academy and Soldotna were the top Kenai Peninsula finishers Saturday at the 2002 Alaska School Activities Association State Cross Country Championships at Palmer High School.

Seward's boys took second place in the Class 1-2-3A race behind Valdez, while CIA's boys placed third. The Soldotna girls placed third in Class 4A competition, finishing behind first-place East and runner-up West Valley. Seward's girls finished third in the Class 1-2-3A race to champion Susitna Valley and a second-place Grace Christian.

Palmer's Aaron Dickson took the boys big-schools title with a time of 16 minutes, 12 second, and Anchorage Christian's Jake Moe won the boys 1-2-3A, or small-schools, crown in 17:00. Linnea Pudwell of Houston closed out her first cross country season by turning in a 19:54 to win the girls 1-2-3A championship and West High's Kris Smith literally ran away with the girls 4A crown in 18:40.

Seward coach Dan Marshall said he was enthusiastic about the boys' performance in their first state appearance since 1996.

"We're excited about our second-place finish,"Marshall said. "Anytime you can walk away from this tournament in the 1 or 2 spot, you've done well."

Seward was led by senior Seth Price, who finished fifth with a time of 17:19. "Seth ran his fastest race," Marshall said.

Also among Seward's top five finishers that were able to contribute points to the team score were Matt Adams, who finished eighth in 17:44; Tommy Blair, who finished 18th with a time of 18:09; Leif Bardarson, who came in at 18:33; and Walter Moore, who clocked a 19:08.

CIA sophomore Brian Beeson, the top peninsula boys small-schools finisher, took fourth place, crossing the finish line in 17:19. He said the toughest part of the race was keeping up with the leaders, including Moe, Valdez's David Tamura, who finished second, and third-place finisher Zack Davison of Grace.

"They ran an awesome race and they deserve all the praise they get," Beeson said.

In the girls 4A race, the competition was for second place. Skyview's Marci Mohler, who finished fourth behind Smith, Colony's Dominique Colberg and Soldotna's Jessica Weimer, said Smith started the race like a jack rabbit, and there was no catching the West senior.

"I had planned to stick behind her, but she took off at the beginning of the race," Mohler said. "She was gone almost as soon as the race started. In the races I didn't race against her, we ran almost the same times. I didn't expect that."

After just one lap on the 2.5-kilometer loop of the Michael Janacek Running Trail, Smith had distanced herself from the rest of the field by 11 seconds. And her lead kept growing.

Smith, who earned her second consecutive state championship, admitted that she had saved an extra trick up her sleeves for her last two races.

"I've been kind of holding my cards," Smith said. "I only really rested for regionals and the state so I would peak faster. I knew they were going to try to stay with me, but I just ran my race."

Completing the first two-thirds of the race in 12 minutes, Smith was on pace to tie or break the course record of 18:03, set in 1998 by Darcy Dugan of Dimond. But when she emerged from her third lap on the loop, to attack the final 1,000 meters to the finish, the clock didn't show the time of 17:45 she said she expected to see.

"I felt like I had a good race," Smith said. "I was under pace, but I don't know what happened."

Weimer was behind Mohler after the first lap, with Colberg close in fourth. Just as in the Region III Championship a week before, the trio exchanged the lead several times. At the end, Colberg got the best of them.

"I was so determined not to get out-kicked this time," Colberg said, referring to Mohler's last-minute spurt to take second place in last year's state meet.

At the end of the race, Weimer said she wasn't rattled by the constant lead changes or where she fell into the pecking order.

"I was a little behind, but I just kept going," she said. "I kept my eyes in front of me."

Soldotna coach Mark Devenney confirmed Weimer's words, saying her style was to keep driving at an consistent pace. He said, overall, he was pleased with his team's performance, and expected them to look forward to improving on Saturday's finish.

"I'm so proud of them," Devenney said. "For some of them, it's their first or second year running. And some of these kids came up really big."

Rachel Goldstein, who finished 32nd, was the only senior in the top five for Soldotna. Weimer is a junior, while sophomore Ari Goldstein finished 10th and sophomore Katie Franzmann was 12th. Finally, freshman Sarah Jensen finished 42nd with a time of 21:00.

"She ran the best race of her life," Devenney said of Jensen.

"I wish we could've gotten the trophy," Devenney said. "Sometimes you just come up short. But that doesn't take away from anything they did this year."


Cook Inlet Academy's Brian Beeson leads Seward's Seth Price across the finish line for a third-place finish in the boys 1-2-3A race at the 2002 Alaska State Cross Country Championships in Palmer Saturday.

AP Photo/Michael Dinneen

In the girls 1-2-3A race, Seward's Sarah Hermann was the top peninsula finisher, crossing the finish line in eighth with a time of 20:42.

"It was my best time for the year," she said. "Next year, I want to run under 20 minutes."

The Seahawks girls team are perennial contenders, Marshall said, earning their third third-place finish in as many years.

"We may have to break that cycle next year and get into the top two," he said.

He said a trio of underclassmen were instrumental in securing third place for the Seahawks. Anna Clock and Brittney Sawyer finished 33rd and 37th, earning Seward much-needed points.

"Our younger girls ran incredibly well," Marshall said. "They really did a lot in helping us get third."

Aaron Dickson, who had finished just ahead of his brother Drew in the Region III meet, was alone at the top this week with Chugiak sophomore Jesse Cherry giving chase. Dickson said he was oblivious to his pursuer as the race came to a close and Cherry closed in.

"About three-fourths of the way through the race, I stopped worrying if anybody was with me," Dickson said. "I just sort of zoned out."

Kenai's Mick Boyle paced the peninsula with a sixth place in the boys 4A race, recording a time of 16:43. He said he surprised himself with his showing, trimming several seconds off his personal best and 30 seconds off his best time at Palmer.

"That was insane," he said. "I didn't know I had that in me. My pace was a lot faster than I expected. On the last lap I had a little extra, so I was able to kick it in gear."

Other notable peninsula finishers include Ninilchik runner Katie Moerlein, finishing 11th in the small-schools race with a time of 21:06, and Nikiski's John Rooper, who finished 17th in the boys 1-2-3A race with a time of 18:08. Kenai runners Synneva Hagen-Lillevik and Trevor Baldwin both finished 13th, with Hagen-Lillevik clocking a 19:57 and Baldwin recording a 17:12. Homer's Aleta Phelps finished 18th in the girls 4A race with a time of 20:21.

State Cross Country Meet

at Palmer High School


GIRLS 1-2-3A

Team scores: 1. Susitna Valley, 39; 2. Grace Christian, 80; 3. Seward, 104; 4. Bethel, 111; 5. Craig, 125; 6. Valdez, 164; 7. Ninilchik, 169; 8. Wrangell, 181; 9. Delta, 188; 10. Barrow, 207.

Individual 5-kilometer results

1. Linnea Pudwill, Hou, 19 minutes, 54 seconds; 2. Tazlina Mannix, SuV, 20:09; 3. Nadine Fischetti, ACS, 20:15; 4. Anjuli Haydu, 20:17; 5. Jaqueline Davis, Bet, 20:17; 6. Melissa Ostermick, SuV, 20:27; 7. Sarah Martinez, Gra, 20:32; 8. Sarah Hermann, Sew, 20:42; 9. Jenny Thompson, SuV, 20:48; 10. Fanny Jo Newton, King Cove, 21:03; 11. Katie Moerlein, Nin, 21:06; 12. Rachel Daly, Gra, 21:15; 13. Krystal Moore, SuV, 21:22; 14. Emily Haydu, Cra, 21:24; 15. Lyndsey Viltrakis, Eielson, 21:31; 16. Ondrea Barker, Gra, 21:32; 17. Laurie Brown, Wra, 21:34; 18. Ali Fischer, Val, 21:56; 19. Chrissy Morris, Kake, 21:59; 20. Autumn Strenli, Pet, 22:01; 21. Andrea Wilt, Unalaska, 22:04; 22. Marilyn McDonald, Bet, 22:04; 23. Cassie Green, Delta, 22:13.33; 24. MaryAnn Rae, Kotzebue, 22:14; 25. Ariel Tweto, Frank Degnan, 22:17.

Other peninsula finishers

27. Katie Sela, Sew, 22:20; 28. Whitney Leman, Nin, 22:23; 33. Anna Clock, Sew, 22:34; 37. Brittney Sawyer, Sew, 22:37; 44. Liz Lettington, Nik, 22:49; 47. Kendra Moerlein, Nin, 22:55; 53. Teal Hetrick, Sw, 23:06; 61. Elsa Gaule, Sew, 23:30; 78. Angela Singh, Nin, 24:26; 83. Willow Hetrick, Sew, 25:11; 92. Courtney Schnabl, Nin, 26:40; 94. Amanda Peterson, Nin, 32:10.


Team scores: 1. East, 50; 2. West Valley, 81; 3. Soldotna, 87; 4. Juneau-Douglas, 116; 5. Dimond, 118; 6. West, 132; 7. Colony, 168; 8. Homer, 193; 9. Ketchikan, 226; 10. Lathrop, 254.

Individual 5-kilometer results

1. Kris Smith, Wes, 18:40; 2. Dominique Colberg, Col, 18:56; 3. Jessica Weimer, Sol, 19:00; 4. Marci Mohler, Sky, 19:09; 5. Davya Baker, WV, 19:17; 6. Leah Besh, Eas, 19:39; 7. Bina Basler, Dim, 19:42; 8. Jessica Allman, Eas, 19:43; 9. Ashley Mickens, Eas, 19:46; 10. Ari Goldstein, Sol, 19:48; 11. Christina Gillis, WV, 19:54; 12. Katie Franzmann, Sol, 19:57; 13. Synneva Hagen-Lillevik, Ken, 20:01; 14. Chelsea Holmes, Dim, 20:02; 15. Kendra Kennedy, Ser, 20;08; 16. Laura Johnson, WV, 20:16; 17. Elizabeth Quinley, Eas, 20:19; 18. Aleta Phelps, Hom, 20:21; 19. Katelyn Stearns, Eas, 20:22; 20. Emma Rea, Wes, 20:23; 21. Aisha Brown, Kod, 20:24; 22. Molly Krehlik, Jun, 20:25; 23. Sarah Gollab, Eas, 20:25; 24. Janelle Smith, Jun, 20:29; 25. Casey Miller, WV, 20:32.

Other peninsula finishers

32. Rachel Goldstein, Sol, 20:45; 34. Melanie Mach, Hom, 20:46; 42. Sarah Jensen, Sol, 21:00; 49. Hannah Harrison, Hom, 21:36; 58. Megan Mahan, Hom, 22:02; 59. Rachel McCarten, Sol, 22:11; 62. Rose Sinnhuber, Hom, 22:39; 65. Sierra Williams, Sol, 22:58; 68. Samantha Halpin, Hom, 23:07; 77. Kayo Toyoda, Hom, 25:16.

BOYS 1-2-3A

Team scores: 1. Valdez, 68; 2. Seward, 76; 3. Cook Inlet Academy, 99; 4. Anchorage Christian Schools, 107; 5. Chevak, 119; 6. Heritage Christian, 141; 7. Wrangell, 145; 8. Barrow, 188; 9. Delta, 200; 10. Petersburg, 218.

Individual 5-kilometer results

1. Jake Moe, ACS, 17:00; 2. David Tamura, Val, 17:09; 3. Zach Davison, Gra, 17:16; 4. Brian Beeson, CIA, 17:19; 5. Seth Price, Sew, 17:19; 6. Matthew Cholok, Chevak, 17:22; 7. Andrew Marks, Nenana, 17:40; 8. Matt Adams, Sew, 17:44; 9. Kyle Mullvihill, Skagway, 17:50; 10. Joseph Gugel, Gra, 17:52; 11. Casey Ferguson, Che, 17:53; 12. Chris Eversman, Eielson, 17:54; 13. Spencer Hirt, Bar, 18:01; 14. Adam Johnson, Cra, 18:06; 15. Darren Zibell, Noorvik, 18:07; 16. Auston Ellis, Val, 18:07; 17. John Rooper, Nik, 18:08; 18. Tommy Blair, Sew, 18:09; 19. Reid Anderson, Her, 18:11; 20. Bart Dengel, Val, 18:14; 21. Thomas Minelga, CIA, 18:15; 22. Mike Lowell, Wra, 18:17; 23. Ian Stewart, Val, 18:20; 24. Chris Koski, Her, 18:22; 25. Jareth Boyscout, Che, 18:23.

Other peninsula finishers

33. Leif Bardarson, Sew, 18:33; 35. Trapper Allsworth, CIA, 18:36; 37. Greg Brown, CIA, 18:37; 38. Brad Harrison, Nik, 18:46; 57. Walter Moore, Sew, 19:08; 63. Miles Jorgensen, Nik, 19:20; 64. Andy Hall, CIA, 19:21; 67. Nathan Buchanan, Sew, 19:25; 74. Josh Coots, Sew, 19:41; 94. Peter Chung, CIA, 21:46; 96. Marcus Brown, CIA, 21:59.


Team scores: 1. Chugiak, 76; 2. Kodiak, 87; 3. Palmer, 104; 4. West Valley, 122; 5. Dimond, 131; 6. East, 138; 7. Juneau-Douglas, 139; 8. Kenai, 152; 9. Lathrop, 174; 10. Sitka, 226.

Individual 5-kilometer results

1. Aaron Dickson, Pal, 16:12; 2. Jesse Cherry, Chu, 16:16; 3. Devin McDowell, Lat, 16:23; 4. Nathaniel Grabman, Eas, 16:33; 5. Drew Dickson, Pal, 16:42; 6. Mick Boyle, Ken, 16:43; 7. Stig Yngve, Kod, 16:51; 8. Bart Semmler, Chu, 16:54; 9. Tristan KnutsonLombardo, Jun, 16:58; 10. Peter Doner, Col, 16:59; 11. Tyson Flaharty, WV, 17:05; 12. James Rapuzzi, Dim, 17:07; 13. Trevor Baldwin, Ken, 17:12; 14. Rory Egelus, Pal, 17:13; 15. Amadeo Linek, Sit, 17:14; 16. Bryce Lund, Kod, 17:15; 17. Tony Tomsich, WV, 17:16; 18. Justin Singleton, Chu, 17:18; 19. Bill Brooks, Eas, 17:19; 20. Ryan Donahue, Dim, 17:22; 21. Sean Costello, Kod, 17:23; 22. George Brell, Wes, 17:28; 23. Mickey Kenny, Ser, 17:29; 24. Chad Mortenson, Kod, 17:30; 25. Paul Schauer, Lat, 17:32.

Other peninsula finishers

43. Monte Garroutte, Hom, 17:52; 48. Morgan Saltenberger, Ken, 18:00; 51. John McGlasson, Ken, 18:06; 63. Chris Amen, Ken, 18:33; 71. Clifford Cochran, Ken, 18:59; 73. Bryan Stocks, Ken, 19:05.

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