Massie promises honest, direct relationship with people

Posted: Wednesday, September 29, 2004


  Cliff Massie

Cliff Massie

1. Why do you want to serve on the Kenai City Council?

Some of the things that went on in the past I didn't think were handled real well. Rather than sit around and complain, I figured I'd run.

2. Which issues currently facing the city of Kenai are the most important, and why?

Economic development, because we have to build up the tax base.

3. As a member of the council, what can you do to encourage economic growth in Kenai?

I'd work with the economic development committee. I'd like to get as many ideas as we can from the business people and the general public.

4. The Arctic Winter Games will bring thousands of visitors to Kenai. How can you help make the games a positive and successful event for the city?

I'll be honest, I was not in favor of them being down here. It does bring a lot of people to town, but for a short time.

5. What would you like to see done with the "Millennium Square" property in downtown Kenai?

I don't think it's necessary to build a convention center on it.

6. What changes, if any, would you like to see made to the dipnet fishery at the mouth of the Kenai River?

I think the city made a good start to getting it under better control. I'd like to try and make it better for each succeeding year ... . We do have to work to improve the traffic and parking situations.

7. The city recently has passed ordinances banning smoking in restaurants and requiring bicycle helmets for children under 16. Opponents of the laws argued these decisions are best left up to individuals, while proponents said such laws are needed to protect the public. What role should the city play in passing laws designed to protect the health and safety of its citizens?

Its my opinion the city should not have bothered with that. On the smoking, it's an issue for the business owners more than a city issue.

8. In the past year, have there been any decisions made by the city council that you disagreed with? Why or why not?

Yes there has been. What they did with the rec center was a poor decision. I disagreed with the way it was done, not who was involved ... . I disagreed with the way the proposal took place, that there was no public bidding. That's one of my platforms. We've got to be honest and upfront with the people, and that decision was not.

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