Candidate Views, Kenai City Council: Joe Moore

Posted: Wednesday, September 29, 2004


  Joe Moore

Joe Moore

For the past nine years, it has been a true privilege to serve as an elected official of the city of Kenai. I have been part of a quality group of councilors and mayor that have always looked out for the best interests of the city of Kenai first, that's our job. While we have not seen the city significantly grow in numbers, I have seen it grow in community spirit and economic development. Even the closure of Kmart did not set us back for long. The local schools in the city of Kenai have thrived and even become the school of choice for many students outside our city. Our airport is first class. It is constantly improving itself with federal dollars and is the envy of other communities. Our library is bursting at the seams with patron usage from all over the borough. Our senior center and congregate housing provide a desperately needed service for our seniors, not to mention a great view. Our parks and recreation department has grown into a year round provider of opportunity for our residents. Our police and fire departments are second to none. We provide safe drinking water and sewer to most of our residents. Our streets are clean and someday might all be paved. We have an adequate budget and healthy fund balance. The city of Kenai is debt free!

Let's face it, the city of Kenai is a great place to live and raise a family. I've done it here for 20 years.

As we move into the future the city of Kenai, I vision a steady growth in population and commerce. The uncertainties of the supply natural resources that the city of Kenai relies on for commerce will cause us all to think out side the box when it comes to development. The city of Kenai needs to partner with existing organizations within the city to facilitate responsible development and encourage existing businesses to prosper. The fiscal issues facing the city are of serious concern. While we have maintained a healthy fund balance, we cannot continue to deplete it in order to balance the budget. Declines in state and federal revenues have occurred while at the same time the city has experienced rising costs. Tough choices must be made to ensure the stability of the city. I am prepared to make those choices.

I am proud to have served the city of Kenai for the past nine years. I believe the council has guided the city in the right direction, and I would like to continue to be a part of a good, working council. Working to-gether, we can all enjoy this awesome place to live.

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