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Posted: Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fred Sturman, candidate for borough mayor, is a founding member of both Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers and Alaska Voters Organization. He is co-sponsor for both propositions 4 and 5 and has personally collected hundreds of signatures on both. He is the only mayoral candidate that supports the Capital Projects Cap and the Sales Tax Cap.

To my mind, that means Fred is the only candidate that trusts the voters to make intelligent decisions about the future of our borough. Let's not forget that Alaska Statutes, Title 29 clearly states that: "A new sales and use tax or an increase in the rate of levy of a sales tax approved by ordinance does not take effect until ratified by a majority of the voters at an election."

By unlawfully refusing us a vote on the sales tax increase, the assembly has pretty clearly demonstrated its disdain for the people of this borough. The other five candidates' lack of support for the cap displays the same disdain.

Fred advocates an efficiency audit, similar to those routinely conducted by large private sector corporations, to analyze the borough. It would identify areas that are overstaffed, beyond the scope of a second-class borough, or inefficiently operated.

Departments that are presently doing a good job or understaffed would be pinpointed. With this tool in hand, Fred can recommend logical efficiencies to the assembly. He will work for a budget balanced in favor of taxpayers while maintaining adequate funding for core government services.

Barbara Mellott, Kenai

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