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Posted: Thursday, September 29, 2005

Propositions 4 and 5 are in response to runaway spending. Borough government growth outpaces private growth. Added departments such as an additional Economic Development Department, with extra offices on Kalifornsky Beach, known as CEDD, in addition to the state EDD that's been in existence for years, contributions to the Arctic Winter Games and such, have created the need for more tax dollars.

The borough should do an efficiency audit and spend only for projects required for a second-class borough. The mayor shouldn't send himself and staff on junkets to Chile, Japan, Washington, D.C., etc., then claim they need more money for education.

State law mandates that sales tax increases must be approved by the voters before enactment. The majority of our elected representatives denied our right to vote on this issue.

Alaska law (AS 29.45.670) states: "an increase in the rate of levy of a sales tax approved by ordinance does not take effect until ratified by a majority of the voters at an election."

The borough claims they have already granted the people their right to vote in 1964. The fact that they even make such a frivolous statement enforces the need for a 60 percent voter majority to approve tax increases. Citizens are forced to pay and the voters should have input.

These initiatives give borough citizens a meaningful voice, which we can use to determine our future. We all want good schools and will vote to support them. We always have.

Send a clear message to our assembly to run a more efficient borough government, then come to the people to increase our sales tax, if needed. Please become informed and consider joining me in support of propositions 4 and 5.

James Price, Nikiski

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