Recycle old Soldotna bridge to create new Sterling one

Posted: Thursday, September 29, 2005

The old bridge in Soldotna that was removed is in good shape and is bought and paid for. This bridge should be used for the proposed bridge from Sterling to Funny River. The steel should be recycled. Some parts of the temporary bridge could also be utilized for the bridge in Sterling. This bridge will be for sale next summer.

Also, the Sterling Chevron and the lot behind it are for sale now for $600,000. That is the best location for a bridge because the bank is high and a very short 100 yard road would need to be built on the Sterling side, and a 600-foot section of new road on the Funny River side.

We need to think out of the box on this issue. The Huske Drive site is not a good spot for the bridge not only because of the close-knit neighborhood it would impact, but because both banks are low and two wetlands would have to be crossed.

The $5 million Sen. Ted Stevens has earmarked for the project could cover the entire cost if we recycle our old bridge and build it where the Sterling Chevron is. A new EIS is not needed because a study in that area has already been done.

I urge everyone to vote "yes" for the bridge and to call the DOT and the borough mayor's office in support of this recycle-Sterling Chevron idea.

Robert Wall, Soldotna

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