Residents have an obligation

Posted: Friday, September 29, 2006

What do you know about Proposition 2?

On Oct. 3, voters will be asked to make a decision that could well decide the future direction of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

I have lived in Kenai now for 22 years. I have paid property taxes. I have paid sales tax. My family and I gave, enjoyed and continue to enjoy the many benefits offered by this community.

I decided to move to the Kenai Peninsula in 1984 because of the excellent educational programs offered by the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and the quality of life found on the peninsula. I was a single mom. I wanted a healthy and nurturing environment in which to raise my son. It was the best decision I ever made. (Even my son thinks so!)

The Kenai Peninsula provides recreational and educational opportunities for our children that I never imagined possible growing up on the streets of New York City.

When I first moved to Alaska in 1971, I was shocked by the high prices I had to pay for food and housing when compared to prices in the Lower 48. Now that has all changed. Our dollars now buy a lot more in Alaska than they do Outside. Talk to relatives and friends who live Outside.

When I travel to the states, I pay sales tax most everywhere I go. New York City changes a combined sales tax of 8.375 percent, In Washington, D.C., the general consumer sales tax rate is 5.75 percent, 10 percent for restaurant meals and 14.5 percent for hotel rooms. I don’t complain about the sales tax, I just pay it.

As residents of this borough, I believe that we have an obligation to hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire when it comes to responsive and responsible government, but we should not tie their hands. Nor should they be held hostage by small, radical, anti-government groups that threaten “recall.”

As residents of this borough we have a responsibility to ensure that our children and grandchildren continue to enjoy what Kenai Peninsula Borough residents may now take for granted. We are so fortunate to live on the Kenai where we enjoy a quality of life envied by visitors from the Lower 48. Vote “No” on Proposition 2 to maintain that quality of life.

Remember there is nothing wrong with paying your own way or expecting others to pay for the benefits and services they enjoy while visiting the Kenai Peninsula.

Carol A. Brenckle


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