Prop 2 meant to get voters’ attention

Posted: Friday, September 29, 2006

I would like to clarify a letter written by Jane Madison in Wednesday’s Clarion. Please be advised that ACT also has a positive message for the voters. It is not doom and gloom. It is about responsible sustainable budgeting. It is vote “Yes” to repeal Ordinance 2005-09.

I have been at most of the borough assembly meetings for the past several years. I heard the testimony the evening that this ordinance came before the assembly. Many people testified against this issue. Our assembly bunched three items — sales tax, tourist tax and touching the principle of the land trust — into one ordinance.

When we use our democratic initiative process to change a law, we can only put one issue at a time before the borough. Why should the voters have to vote on three issues at the same time? I feel ACT is not responsible for this royal mess, they are only responsible for bringing a very flawed ordinance to the attention of the voters.

Patricia Falkenberg


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