Cost of war too high

-- Jordan Times, Amman - Sept. 24

Posted: Monday, September 30, 2002

It is estimated that a war with Iraq would cost no less than $200 billion. This much has been confirmed by White House economic adviser Larry Lindsey. Yet this colossal expense does not seem to ruffle ... key advisers of U.S. President George W. Bush.

Advocates of an armed conflict with Iraq maintain that overthrowing Saddam Hussein would mean an additional three to five million barrels of oil reaching the global economy.

The argument in favor of war with Iraq therefore rests on the assumption that what is good for the U.S. economy would be good for world economy as well.

This kind of talk must fuel fears that there is more than just security and peace behind the U.S. stance on Iraq.

And, on this basis, no matter how high the price to be incurred by Washington is, returns will be even higher. But can there be a profitable war?

There is a price to be paid by any government entering a war that is not strictly an act of self-defense.

There is also a price to be paid by any people dragged by their decision-makers into war.

Mr. Lindsey might find out soon enough, if his president had to take his advice.

-- Jordan Times, Amman - Sept. 24

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