Parents should fight proposed increase in school district's pupil-teacher ratio

Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Attention parents, teachers and every member of our community: There is a crisis happening in our schools and it is about to get worse.

I implore all of you to attend the school board meeting on Nov. 3 because the district is about to raise the pupil-teacher ration (PTR) once again. Last year, they raised the PTR so that more kids could be crammed into a classroom; that's how they felt justified in laying off 52 teachers last spring. This has created total chaos in the schools. With many classes busting at the seams with 30-plus children in them, our children are getting less of an education than they were able to get last year.

And now, the district doesn't want you to know that they are about to raise the PTR again, with the intention of laying off another 50 teachers this coming spring. Are we going to take this without a fight?

I care about my child's education. The current PTR is already too high. To raise it again is not only detrimental to the quality of education our children receive, but it will have a devastating effect on each individual child.

I encourage each and every one of you to flood the district and individual school board members with letters protesting the proposed raising of the PTR. I know I will be at that meeting demanding that the board and the district lower the PTR at the very least back to what it was last year. I hope you will be there. too.

Our children deserve to be educated, not herded into an environment where the object seems to be "how many children can we cram into each classroom?"

Denise Volker


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