Kenai candidates discuss views: Carol Brenckle, Kenai City Council candidate

Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2003

If elected to the Kenai City Council, I pledge to represent the views and concerns of all Kenai residents.

The council should be accessible and responsive to its constituents. I will be available to discuss your problems and concerns.

I encourage informed citizen participation in the decision-making process, attendance at city council and commission meetings and promote public dialogue on pending issues.

Thus far, I have left politics to the politicians, but Kenai needs change. Kenai needs elected officials who are not afraid to speak up on behalf of those they represent.

I will bring honesty and leadership to the council. I will ask questions, research issues and make independent decisions with citizen input.

Kenai is experiencing a financial dilemma. We need financially sound solutions. Kenai must be responsive to the needs and concerns of all citizens not just a select few.

I will work to reopen the Kenai Recreation Center immediately and encourage responsible management.

The city closed the rec center instead of seeking competitive bids to run the operation. The city's decision to close the rec center and to keep it closed deprived the citizens of a much needed community resource.

I will work to balance the budget, cut "perks" before programs, rebuild the city's budget reserves and fund only capital projects approved by a "vote of the people."

City government can and should be self-sufficient. The funding of city services should not depend on state revenue sharing and federal grants or appropriations.

The decision to run for city council was made after attending six months of council meetings and budget work sessions. Although the council voted to turn over the Kenai rec center to a private entity to save money, the council approved money to fund "college tuition," "automobile allowances," "membership dues," "travel," "snacks," etc. It just didn't make sense!

I will support review and revision of the Kenai City Code, long-range planning, open meetings and adequate public notice of meetings and council agendas.

The appointment of a code-charter commission to review and recommend changes should be a priority for the next council. Involve Kenai residents in long-range planning and town meetings to discuss the budget and other important issues. Publish notice of council meetings and agendas at least five days in advance.

I will work to create neighborhood advisory boards to promote greater citizen involvement. This summer Woodland residents set up a "Neighborhood Watch" program. Woodland is recapturing a sense of "community" that was so much a part of early life on the Kenai where neighbors and friends looked after each other. Neighborhood Watch should be expanded to other city subdivisions and could form the nucleus for neighborhood advisory boards.

We must all be involved if we are to have responsive government. Please vote Oct. 7. Vote Carol Brenckle for Kenai City Council.

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