Kenai candidates discuss views: 'Ozzie' Osborne, Kenai City Council incumbent

Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I first moved in this area in 1968. Kenai was just a small little town. Carrs grocery was just open and the old Carrs mall was still under construction.

Those were some very interesting times. We were young then and moved to the Cohoe area on 20 acres of land. The homestead time had passed so we had to buy. We put up a little shack, had no electricity, no running water, we had outdoor plumbing or an outhouse and a hand pump. We burned wood and beach coal for heat.

Those were some fun times and that was why folks moved to Alaska, to live off the land and enjoy this great land we live in.

Along the way we got older moved to town, kids grew up and left for their own adventures in life. Some leave and some stay in this area.

The old folks that we are becoming are still here along with a growing group of senior citizens. I am not sure just when I got to be a senior, I don't feel like an old person.

I, like the other seniors that lived here and are moving here from other places, enjoy the Kenai Peninsula. This area is or can be a retirement area. The retired people are like a business and do bring in new money to the area with pensions, stock dividends, social security. This is all income and it is like all the seniors have jobs that will continue on. The oil fields are not what they once were, and fishing is not what it once was.

The city of Kenai can become a retirement center along with the young people that are still here. Seniors today are not old and helpless. They like to do things, get out and enjoy life. They are not dependent as they have income, some small, but still they have income which helps with the sales tax revenue.

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