Reader not ready to offer open check for new bridge

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2005

The Funny River bridge project deserves a resounding “no” vote from Kenai Peninsula Borough voters.

With the number of unimproved roads in the borough that need repair and-or upgrades, it is hard to understand why anyone would vote to spend money on a totally unnecessary bridge before those problems are resolved.

Lack of funds is always the reason given when people ask why the repairs aren’t done.

Remember, also, that no one has yet been able to set the cost of this bridge. I’m not willing to give anyone a “yes” vote to an open check. I don’t believe most of the good citizens of the borough will, either.

The fine people of Seward, Homer, Ninilchik and other communities of the borough would receive absolutely no benefit from this bridge, yet pay revenues in one fashion or another to build, maintain and repair this bridge.

Even if the state agreed to build the bridge, it would cost the borough in some form or another, for example, less education money, less state-shared revenue. There are no free rides, especially when dealing with governments and politicians.

I also remind you that the Funny River community already has a nicely paved road that opens up the area to the amenities stated in the numerous letters to the editor and candidate comments.

We have a nice, quiet and reasonably safe community here in Funny River. A bridge would only increase the probability of vehicle accidents, theft, noise pollution and habitat degradation and destruction — not to mention higher taxes on property.

Vote “no” on Proposition 3.

Dick Galloway

Funny River

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