Father’s experience is sad tale of Katrina aftermath

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2005

Thank you very much for printing the harrowing article (“Lending a helping hand” published Sept. 15) of my father’s experience in Charity hospital. The concern and worry, not to mention panic that enveloped my self and brother during this period of time was unimaginable. The disgrace in my fellow man is only further demonstrated by my father’s tale of premature babies being turned away at gunpoint. The difficulty in understanding how extreme the circumstances were out there when Katrina hit were only further aggravated by many of my co-workers telling me it wasn’t that bad out there and the news was exaggerating. This turned out to be a fallacy. If people can’t understand the severity of a situation, even when given stories, I believe it is a gift that columnists and editor’s find it a good thing to print actuality. My father is an amazing man who stood his ground to help others. If only others would observe this and act likewise, then I think the outcome from Katrina’s wrath would have been much different. I appreciate you enlightening people to a half of the story of Katrina that perhaps before they were not privy to. Once again thank you for choosing to involve yourself.

Victoria Burke

Lancaster, Calif.

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