Kenai would benefit from plan for development

Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2010

On October 5 when you to go to the polls, I am asking for your vote to allow me to represent you as Mayor of the City of Kenai. Five years as a Councilmember have given me the background to understand the Mayor's role in our city and what is necessary to perform those duties.

I have lived in Kenai over twenty years. Here, I raised four children, coached Little League, teach high school and find Kenai to be a great place to have a family. I have run my own business, worked for small businesses and large corporations. I understand the needs of the working individual.

I have long believed that our city would benefit from a plan of development as opposed to an approach of waiting for things to happen. When five- and ten-year goals are set, it becomes possible to view progress and measure results based on the established plan.

In this year's budget I worked to include items such as funding for a trail system study, a wind electrical generation system, and a study focusing on the development of Old Town. I also worked to advance the priority for vehicle storage at the Senior Center.

We are at a crossroads, both esthetically and economically in our city. Kenai city has begun developing into distinct geographical regions. We have many sections of the city with clearly defined neighborhoods, others with historical, cultural, and artistic influence, a civic services region, large stores, some vacant areas. We should take a look at our city and make determinations of what directions of development we would like to go in further uses of our land use. In my many conversations with residents, focus on a City Center and the development of Old Town are priorities. I would like to work with Council to bring in the expertise to aid with the process of developing a long-range plan.

Kenai is a destination city. We need to develop an infrastructure that encourages visitors and residents to enjoy and use its assets. Old Town as an historical, cultural, and artistic destination is often mentioned by residents. Residents also want further development of our parks which would include pocket parks using available smaller pieces of city land. Money is available in this year's budget to plan for a trail system to connect the different features of our city making Kenai more walkability for our residents and visitors.

I think we must consider what we can do to foster entrepreneurs and small businesses in our community. I believe there are options available that we must consider to encourage and aid small business owners to consider Kenai for their place of business. Residents want to do business in Kenai.

My strengths include the ability to communicate with and bring people of varied backgrounds together, understand issues from different points of view, listen, allow others an opinion and work to see a project through to completion.

As your mayor, I will be open. I will listen. I will encourage your participation in YOUR government and I will make decisions that are based on public input and what I believe is the right thing to do.

Please cast me your vote on October 5.

Thank you

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