Kenai Mayor: Mike Boyle

Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bluff stabilization, comprehensive plan deserve attention

Occupation: Vocational Education Teacher

Business and professional organizations and other interests: I am a father, teacher and citizen. My interests include public service, planning for my future and travel.

Previous political experience: 5 years Kenai City Council serving as Liaison to Council on Aging, Harbor Commission, Library Commission, Park and Rec Commission and the Kenai Visitor and Cultural Center.

1. Why are you a good representative of the City of Kenai?

The first thing that comes to mind when reading this question is the diversity of people that I know in Kenai. Through my job, raising children and living in our city, I have come to know people of all ages and backgrounds. This has given me the opportunity to realize the interests, wants and needs of a broad base of citizens.

It is important to me that a community is represented by someone that truly has its interests in mind when speaking as a representative. I take the responsibility of being a representative very seriously.

A varied background, which includes working in the trades as well as obtaining a Master Degree, broad experience in travel, teaching and raising children give me a background to work with a variety of people when representing the city whether in Kenai or away.

2. What are the two biggest issues facing the city today? If elected what do you propose to do to work on those issues?

The Bluff Erosion Project is certainly one of these two main concerns. We have made good progress in gaining funding and have never been closer to making this project happen than we are now. We have a good way to go in order to put together all the necessary funding. As needed, I will work with legislators at all levels to aid in the funding process or whatever I am called upon to help make this project a go.

The Comprehensive Plan revision will begin soon. Because this will establish the direction that citizen would like our city to move, it is a very important issue. I would like to see us build in steps that we periodically use to check our progress and see where we are as a city.

3. With the City of Kenai's comprehensive planning process upcoming, what would you recommend the city focus on now and in the future?

Our comprehensive plan is a picture of what we wish our city to be. I think we need to look ahead and create a vision of what our city is will look like, the focus being its physical, economic and cultural appearance. I would like to establish deadlines along with means of accomplishing our goals.

Our comprehensive plan should have steps built in to show progress. The plan should include five, ten and 25 year goals. Each five years it would be appropriate to look back and see if we have achieved our goals and what adjustments, if any, we might to make to keep moving toward them.

My personal interests would include things such as open thinking to develop a broad base of economic opportunities, recreational possibilities including trail systems and neighborhood parks. My conversations with citizen show me there are other many good ideas within the community.

4. What does "quality of life" mean to you? What would you support to ensure this ideal for taxpayers?

Quality of life is the combination of those factors that make life satisfying to an individual. When one has the opportunity of satisfying employment, recreational, educational and spiritual opportunities, then one can experience a higher relative quality of life.

One factor in judging the health of a community is the quality of life the residents enjoy.

I support pursuing small businesses to settle in Kenai. I support the delivery of quality basic services. I support the ideal of creating enjoyable recreational opportunities to citizens in the form of Old Town development, trails and parks, quality programs for seniors, children and all residents by fostering an environment of citizen involvement in the process of creating and developing ideals which lead to a high quality of life for all residents.

5. If the city was to hold another town hall meeting like the one this past spring on sustainability, what topic should the city officials and citizens focus on?

I think that an appropriate topic for a town hall meeting is the future of Kenai and it land use. There are many considerations citizens have voiced in looking to the future. They include:

The development of Old Town

A broad based economy with consideration to drawing small business

Recreational opportunities for all ages

Strength of neighborhoods

Creating a city center

Clear zoning regulations

These are topics that are active on the minds of city residents, which is, of course, the reason for a town hall meeting.

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