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Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Yellowing (my tribute to Charlotte Perkins Gilman)

By John Randall Dodd, Soldotna

Can you hear the echoes of bliss'd past

betwixt the beats of this hysterical heart?

The shadow of self that reflects in this mirror,

yellow now, always yellow!

This room, this cell, this well kempt prison,

these patterned walls that now start

to close in, that morph into me, my shape,

my supposed form! I, once more mellow;

my physician husband loved,

loves more than the current self become?

I can see it now, clearer than once before;

each day, hour, minute, with e'ery second

passed I pass into, o'er, across, transformed

more into this yellow'd color. Some-

times I feel the textured grip of it

upon my own skin. I reckon

I am this peeling paper

tearing from these walls, this yellow shell

being ripped away at; e'ery day becoming

something else, something more

than what my self was before,

before being confined unto this yellow hell!

The woman once loved by my husband

is no more, only me now, yellow'd to the core.

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