Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Game 1 goes Chicago's way
ATLANTA Cubs win! Cubs win! A road game in the playoffs, no less. Holy cow.

Twins open postseason with win
NEW YORK Instead of getting tight when Johan Santana cramped up, the Minnesota Twins stayed loose.

How about a World Series featuring Cubs, Red Sox?
Even before Pedro Martinez pitches or Sammy Sosa swings, there's a buzz about these playoffs. Baseball romantics, this really could be the year: Red Sox vs. Cubs.

Managers Manuel, Hargrove relieved of duties
CHICAGO Frustrated that yet another talent-laden team fell short of the postseason, the Chicago White Sox decided it was time to change directions.

State probes antitrust rumors surrounding Yukon Fuel sale
ANCHORAGE (AP) The state attorney general's office is investigating antitrust concerns raised over the sale of one of the largest fuel distributors in Western Alaska.

CAP Cadets get new building
With more pilots per capita than any other state in the Nation, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) provides a crucial service to Alaskans with search and rescue operations as well as vital training to local youth through the CAP Cadet program.

What's missing from this picture?
For more than 20 years the intersection of K-Beach and Funny River Road and the Sterling Highway in Soldotna has featured a unique SBS sign. A signboard not dedicated to advertising the latest sale prices on building materials, but rather a weekly line of wit or inspiration.

Did somebody say 20-cent burgers at Soldotna McDonald's?
Triple twenties came up last week at McDonald's in Soldotna, and all those who stopped by the Golden Arches between 11:00am and 4:00pm shared the jackpot. It was Saturday September 20th that McDonald's in Soldotna marked its 20th Anniversary since opening on the Kenai Peninsula. In appreciation for the last two decades of patronage, owners Scott & Deena Cunningham offered 20-cent burgers for five hours, and if you got fries with that burger, the Cunningham's donated 20 cents to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Kenai Peninsula.

Dr. Glenn serves Chicken Soup to the learners
Those fortunate enough to hear Dr. H. Stephen Glenn at any one of his several speaking venues last week is a little brighter eyed and more motivated today.

Children's therapy clinic holds open house
For those parents who have a child in need of therapy there is a new center in Kenai that has brought a variety of specialties into one location. It's called "Therapy Works," and is a pediatric sensory integration clinic located in the Salamantoff Building on Willow Street.

Porter: Despite bad year, forecast optimistic for Kenai
Pat Porter has an optimistic outlook for the city of Kenai and wants to help make her view for the city's future a reality by being re-elected to the city council.

District 2, Gilman: Class sizes, money woes district's top issues
Margaret Gilman isn't giving up on lowering the number of students in classes.

District 3, Pate: Market system would offer better school choices
Vicki Pate knows some of her views on education are a little outside the norm. But, she said, all innovative ideas start that way.

Jenckes: One issue ignites desire to serve on council
James "Jim" Jenckes may have gotten interested in city politics because of a single issue, but that narrow focus has broadened to encompass an interest in the whole of Kenai's government.

District 1, Crawford: District's biggest challenge remains budget
Sammy Crawford is all about community service.

Jackman: City not in doom-and-gloom financial mess
Incumbent council member Amy Jackman bills herself as a voice of change on the Kenai City Council.

Osborne: Wants to continue to represent public interest
After being a regular participant in the past several Kenai City Council elections, John "Ozzie" Osborne finally got his chance to serve this year and is hoping voters will continue to let him do so.

Gilman: Getting city's finances in order his No. 1 goal
If elected to the two-year Kenai City Council term he is seeking, Blaine Gilman would have one main priority the city's budget.

District 3, Mullins: Money scarce, but district has many strengths
The next few years are apt to be a challenge for anyone elected to the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education, but Debra Mullins says she's up to it.

District 7, Osterman: Administrators should be held accountable
Melanie Osterman believes children need the basics and the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District isn't providing it.

Brenckle: More citizens should be involved in process
If elected to the three-year Kenai City Council seat she seeks, Carol Brenckle vows voters will not only get her involvement in managing the city, they will get as much citizen involvement as she can muster.

District 7, Holle: Despite financial woes, district still tops in state
Debbie Holle says she is a firm believer in public service and that she has the experience the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education needs.

Ross: Wide variety of experience can be used by city
Richard "Rick" Ross has worn many hats in the city of Kenai and has decided to try on one more that of council member.

District 6, Wassilie: Community health depends on good schools
Sandra Wassilie of Seward has plenty of experience in the world of education.

Eldridge: Economic development tops his priority list
Barry Eldridge thinks Kenai is a great community with a lot to offer and wants other people, and especially businesses interested in moving to the city, to think that as well.

District 5, M. Anderson: Community needs to be part of solution
Sterling's Marty Anderson is making his first bid for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education this fall.

District 4, N. Anderson: Economic situation overshadows all else
Soldotna doctor Nels Anderson has plenty to say about the state of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District's schools.

District 8, Germano: Not raising pupil-teacher ratio No. 1 priority
"Money, money, money." Homer resident Deb Germano knows the coming years will be a challenge for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, and financial issues are the biggest worry facing area schools.

District 1, Dyson: Board needs new views to tackle old problems
Gene Dyson is gearing up for another run at the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education.

NOW PLAYING: Matchstick Men
There are scenes of pure joy in Nicholas Cage's film Matchstick Men, scenes that, by themselves, are not necessarily notable, but put together remind us that Cage is a wild kinetic force as an actor, not simply, and I use this term as derogatorily as I can, a "movie star."

Different financing needed for hospital expansion
Of particular importance is Proposition No. 2, Hospital Capital Improvement Bonds. We think the financing should be in the form of revenue bonds instead of general obligation bonds. According to the hospital administration and the borough mayor, the hospital has shown a bottom line profit in the last 17 out of 18 years and 19 out of 20 years, respectively.

Russian Orthodox Cemetery in need of some care
Several weeks ago, while taking some roses to a grave in the Russian Orthodox Cemetery, my neighbor (who had never been there) and I were taken aback by the deplorable condition it was in. The grounds are so overgrown it's almost impossible to walk into the cemetery or even find graves.

Parents should fight proposed increase in school district's pupil-teacher ratio
Attention parents, teachers and every member of our community: There is a crisis happening in our schools and it is about to get worse.

Support from communities means Project GRAD off to successful start
To the scholars, parents and staff of Nanwalek, Nikolaevsk, Ninilchik, Port Graham, Razdolna, Tyonek and Voznesenka schools:

Thanks from Boys & Girls Clubs
The Boys & Girls Clubs would like to thank everyone for the great success of the 16th annual auction. Approximately 250 people that gave generously to the kids of the peninsula attended the auction "Take a Chance on Kids."

Skyview senior keeps attitudes positive as football losses mount
Despite taking over the starting fullback position five games into the season, Skyview senior Andrew Smith led the Panthers in rushing this season.

8 hopefuls vie for 3 open Kenai City Council seats
It has been a turbulent year for the Kenai City Council, but despite or perhaps because of the bumps in the road encountered, eight candidates have turned out to run for a seat on the council.

Gifford, Ross named to fill vacant hospital seats
Central Peninsula General Hospital Inc. added some familiar faces to its board of directors. After reviewing applications for eight candidates last week, the board selected Shirley Gifford and Rick Ross on Thursday evening to fill its two remaining open seats.

State grants to help borough mitigate disasters
Three state grants made it through the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly's legislative process recently and have been put to use mapping section lines, supporting fire service areas and developing a plan to mitigate a variety of hazards facing the borough.

Pancratz selected to lead program
The Homer woman responsible for helping establish the basis of Project GRAD Kenai Peninsula has been hired as the program's executive director.

Indoor air tests offered
Kenai residents yearning to breathe free are in luck.

Gottschalks set to open new shop on Wednesday
The size, location and even the amount of merchandise all will change, but the name will remain the same.

Budget concerns fuel school races
Last October, voters asked for more choices in their representation on the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education by approving a reappropriation of the board.

Refuge blazes new trail
More than 100 people showed up at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge last Saturday to take part in the dedication of the new Centennial Trail.

Growing Sakhalin looks to peninsula for advice
Once again, Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula oil and gas industry have been set to provide a blueprint for fledgling exploration and development projects in a neighboring country.

Anthoney 'Mitch' Feagin
Soldotna and Homer resident Anthoney "Mitch" Feagin died Saturday, Sept. 27, 2003, in Soldotna. He was 32.

Donavon Charles Fugate
Sixteen-year Alaska resident Donavon C. Fugate died Friday, Sept. 26, 2003, at Central Peninsula General Hospital in Soldotna. He was 43.

School board candidates speak out: Gene Dyson, School Board District 1
I want to thank the voters, who had faith in me and voted for me over the years. As you know, I am running again and need your support.

School board candidates speak out: Melanie Osterman, School Board District 7
Our schools are at an historical low. In Alaska, we have never had to do more with so little. There is neither glory nor gratification in most of what the school board must accomplish.

Time to use part of fund to help pay for expenses
It's encouraging to see that some legislators are giving serious consideration to a constitutional amendment that would protect permanent fund dividends and open the way for using a portion of fund earnings for state expenses.

Kenai candidates discuss views: Carol Brenckle, Kenai City Council candidate
If elected to the Kenai City Council, I pledge to represent the views and concerns of all Kenai residents.

Iditarod board's decision shows heart, guts of race
She's got guts, no mistake there. Rachael Scdoris, 18, got the go-ahead from Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race directors last week, after she made her case for a second time.

Kenai candidates discuss views: Barry Eldridge, Kenai City Council candidate
Kenai has a new excitement stirring downtown. The prospects of a new Home Depot store filling the old Big Kmart facility have lots of folks thinking about the home projects they can accomplish without having to drive to Anchorage for supplies. The prospect of many new jobs being available with emphasis not only on retail sales but also on persons with building skills stirs excitement.

Kenai candidates discuss views: Rick Ross, Kenai City Council candidate
Kenai is our home and we are optimistic about its future. Since graduation from Kenai Central High School, with the exception of college and military service, Gayle and I have lived, worked and raised our sons here. They now have families and children in Kenai schools. Just like you, we have a strong interest in the quality of life and the economic opportunities in our community.

Kenai candidates discuss views: Blaine Gilman, Kenai City Council candidate
I want to thank the Clarion on giving me this opportunity to express my views as a candidate for Kenai City Council.

Gen. Clark: Do Americans really know who he is?
Recent polls show retired U.S. Army General Wesley Clark leading the race for the Democratic nomination for president. But Clark's early performance suggests he has a long way to go before he can be considered battle ready to take on George W. Bush.

Kenai candidates discuss views: Amy Jackman, Kenai City Council incumbent
I want the people of Kenai to continue to participate in the future of the city. Over the past year I have seen more involvement from our citizens at council meetings than ever before. They are not just coming to one or two meetings, they are coming every time we have a council meeting or work session. They are voicing their opinions.

School board candidates speak out: Debbie Holle, School Board District 7
Education is all about dreams. Children dream of accomplishing great things.

Kenai candidates discuss views: James Jenckes, Kenai City Council candidate
Hello, my name is James "Jim" Jenckes. I am running for the position of Kenai City Council. I thought I would tell you a little about myself and then give you my reasons for running for the city council.

School board candidates speak out: Vicki Pate, School Board District 3
How much do you know about the history of education?

Kenai candidates discuss views: 'Ozzie' Osborne, Kenai City Council incumbent
I first moved in this area in 1968. Kenai was just a small little town. Carrs grocery was just open and the old Carrs mall was still under construction.

School board candidates speak out: Sammy Crawford, School Board District 1
Public schools are a reflection of our democratic society. A large part of the responsibility of education is to promote active and involved citizenry. Participation in our democracy has never been more important.

Kenai candidates discuss views: Pat Porter, Kenai City Council incumbent
People ask me all the time why would you want to run for city council. My reasons are truly from the heart. I am hooked on Kenai!

School board candidates speak out: Sandra Wassilie, School Board District 6
On Oct. 20, the newly elected school board will be seated as a nine-member, regionalized board, replacing the seven-member, at-large structure. Citizens have examined the concept of having school board members elected by region, probably ever since the establishment of the borough in the 1960s. Last October, the voters made it a reality.

Winding through autumn
Trees don their autumn colors of yellow and orange along the banks of the Upper Kenai River as it winds its way through Cooper Landing. A light covering of snow on nearby mountains Saturday signals the imminent change of seasons.

Around the Peninsula
Dedication ceremony scheduled at courthouseKenai chamber to host council candidatesParents support group to meetNPCC schedules meetingFish and Game advisory committee to meetDiscount cards benefit cancer fundDonations sought for Community Closet

Around the Peninsula
Gaming teleconference setBorough transportation meetings scheduledFood donation earns free admission to movieNutritional classes offered at food bankHistorical association meeting slatedPreschool skills program offeredPets, people fund-raiser race slatedCaregiver support group to hold meetings

Phoenix ranch offers boot camp for cowpolk
PHOENIX Nicki Nelson was born on the wrong side of South Dakota. The Missouri River splits the state into farm country to the east and ranching territory to the west.

Studies: Don't believe the hype about heaps of homework
WASHINGTON It's a troubling story: Public school students get so loaded with homework that they stress out and lose out on chances to be playful kids.

Most states deny persistently dangerous schools
WASHINGTON Only 52 of the nation's 91,000 public schools are labeled persistently dangerous by their states, findings that allow students in those few schools to transfer to safer places but deny a similar option for tens of millions of other children.

Around the District
School board meets Monday in SewardUAA to discuss medical imaging programHomer Community Schools begins registrationNo school Oct. 10

District School News
News from schools around the district

Area preschools offer USDA meal program
Kenaitze Cuya Qyut'anen Head Start and Soldotna Kiddie Kare announce that they are participating in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Child and Adult Care Food Program. Children from low income families may qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

Alaska Quality Schools Coalition students to visit campus
Although KPC is proud to be part of the University of Alaska Anchorage, there has been a major push to showcase the campus as a small college alternative to the major academic units in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.

Passing on knowledge
Members of the Kenai Central High School varsity football team went back to elementary school Monday, but they weren't there to learn.

School Menus
White or chocolate milk served at each meal.

Senior Briefs
What activities are available for our area seniors

Despite their age, they ride with gusto
TIVERTON, R.I. Benjamin ''Ben'' Lewis hops on his '89 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide motorcycle, and in the blink of an eye, swings the nearly half-ton machine off its kickstand and upright as if he were a gymnast mounting a balance beam.

Senior Menus
What's on the menu for our area seniors

Pioneer Gibson dies at 76
Ahead of her time doesn't begin to tell the story of Althea Gibson.

Sports Briefs
Boston, back with Chargers, issues apologySmith, Cloud, Newman return from suspensions

Kenai Golf Course settled in for a long winter's nap
The greens are covered for their long winter rest. The tractors and mowers will be silent until spring. The golf carts are no longer lined up ready to go. The clubhouse is in darkness and the driving range will be idle.

No fear: Norway's attitude toward U.S. stops at healthy respect
FOXBORO, Mass. Norway has all kinds of respect for the U.S. women's soccer team. What the Norwegians do not have is fear.

Bulls' Williams recovers slowly from crash
DURHAM, N.C. Jay Williams remembers the motorcycle crash as though it happened in slow motion, the red-and-black Yamaha R6 getting away from him and heading for a utility pole.

Packers still own Bears
CHICAGO Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary were on hand to help the Chicago Bears inaugurate their refurbished stadium.

Mind games: 'Dawgs beat Stars
To hear Nikiski coach Bruce King and Soldotna coach Pako Whannell talk, Sigmund Freud would have been the best volleyball coach of all time.

Suns acquire Knight in trade
PHOENIX (AP) The Phoenix Suns on Tuesday acquired three players, including guard Brevin Knight, from the Memphis Grizzlies for forward Bo Outlaw and center Jake Tsakalidis.

State to study Kodiak game for chronic wasting disease
KODIAK (AP) State wildlife biologists are conducting a study to determine whether chronic wasting disease has affected Kodiak Island.

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