School board candidates speak out: Gene Dyson, School Board District 1

Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I want to thank the voters, who had faith in me and voted for me over the years. As you know, I am running again and need your support.

My views are still the same. I am advocating more teachers in the classroom and voc ed. Also, this year, I was involved with the Voc Ed Blue Ribbon Task Force, and, because of my concerns of drug abuse in our schools, I am now attending prescription narcotics for chronic pain meetings.

Just a side note, I am still on the hospital service area board.

Me the person and the quandary I am in:

Me the person Most voters don't realize that I am an information buff. I have magazine articles that are pros and cons on our education system. I have newspaper clippings and different views from our school board members and also a couple of PBS tapes on role model school districts so you see I try and do my homework.

The quandary I am in While going over my background information an article got my attention. So I will quote part of the article and maybe you draw the same conclusion as I have.

Newspaper headline: "School board vote too close to call" (Oct. 5, 2001)

Quote: "Other candidates, including Dyson, campaigned on higher student-teacher ratios and more teachers but school board members said those promises can't be kept under existing state funding."

So voters, since the above article is dated Oct. 5, 2001, what do I advocate this year?

I feel that next year will be a disaster, in regards to budget cuts and I hope I'm proven wrong. I advocate a status quo on teachers in the classroom in regards to cuts; I can't promise, but I will sure try.

Or should I take the school board member statement as true and move on, and talk about my concerns like addressing the home-school problem? Or talk about what direction our voc ed programs are going. I could talk about how the school board handled last year's negotiation or the morale of the district. I can talk about the unhappy parents at SoHi and Skyview and Nikiski in regards to consolidation and closing of schools, or maybe comment on the article by the Clarion in regard to test scores.

So you see the quandary I am in. So, how about this for a novel idea? Elect me (new blood) for school board and I will address the above problems, and I will never say can't unless I try every avenue available.

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