Kenai Golf Course settled in for a long winter's nap

Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The greens are covered for their long winter rest. The tractors and mowers will be silent until spring. The golf carts are no longer lined up ready to go. The clubhouse is in darkness and the driving range will be idle.

Another wonderful season of golfing has come to a close. Golf clubs will be stored for the winter. Maybe they will be lucky enough to play golf "Outside" during the winter. Some golfers have already traded their clubs in on bowling balls. Some will return to the course after it snows and spend time on the fairways wearing cross-country skis.

Kenai Golf Association

The Kenai Golf Association had its annual meeting on Friday. The newly-elected board members were Don Moock and Rich Edwards. Doug Haralson will also return as a board member.

The most improved golfers for the 2003 season were Rachelle Brehm and Todd Eskelin. Golfers are selected on the basis of how much their handicaps improved over the season, how many scores they entered in the computer and by participation in tourneys or course activities. Plaques are awarded by the USGA each year.

The KGA had a drawing for all members who attended the annual meeting. Congratulations to Charlie Kahakauwila, who won a 2004 regular-season pass compliments of the Kenai Golf Association. All Charlie had to do was to show up at the clubhouse at 6:30 p.m. to be eligible for the drawing. Such a deal and to think his buddies talked him into playing in the night golf event and he also took in the meeting.

The 2003 Kenai Cup champions were Lyle Winter and Rick Winter. Doug Haralson, Kenai Cup chairman, presented the champions with their Kenai Cup jackets they will proudly wear.

Thank you Doug Haralson for all your work in organizing the Kenai Cup for the past few years. Gary Katsion has volunteered to take over the Kenai Cup organization for 2004.

Night Golf Tournament

On Friday, around 9:15 p.m., in the dark of the night, 76 golfers headed to the tees to start the nine-hole Glow Ball tournament. The weather was as comfortable as it has ever been for this four-person, two-ball, best ball, alternating shot tournament.

The flagsticks glowed, golfers wore glow stick necklaces and the balls glowed as they sailed over the fairways.

In first place with a 49 was a "wild bunch" foursome of Billy Applewhite, Keith Stuart, Gordon Griffin and Bill Burtram.

In second place with 50 were Dan Cabrera, Clayton Dolan, Billy Coghill and Dwight Kramer.

In third place with a 52 were Cal Larson, Dana Bassel, Mike Kebschull and Charlie Kahakauwila.

The team that placed 17th was a team of firemen from Valdez, who were here for fire training. They were Fireman McCohney, Fireman Anderson, Fireman Perkins and Fireman Yuelland.

For golfing news in Alaska, dozens of links to golfing sites of all kinds, Kenai Golf Course information, and links to many topics of interest, check out the site. The site will continue to grow over the winter with the help of those who visit the site. Thank you for sharing your golfing experiences and ideas with Golf E News.

Let's keep track of courses we play "Outside" this winter. Just e-mail the names of the courses you play on and they will be added to a list on the first page of the site.

Thanks to Golfers

Thanks to some "wild bunch" golfers who showed up to help cover the greens and button up the course. Thanks to Eddie Sibolboro, Keith Stuart, Bill Burtram, Jim Bradford and Billy Applewhite. Big thanks also to Noel Widmayer and Dwight Kramer for helping with the green covers.

Kenai Golf Course has many friends who help out in one way or another. They help out because they love the golf course. Yours truly would like to once again thank Tommy Carver for his time and work in redoing the new tee signs. Another thank you to Dave Ramsey and Tom Vincent for overhauling the club storage room and keeping it in order.

GHIN Handicap Cards

Thank you Kathy Heus for taking the handicap stickers to the Kenai Library for the winter. If any KGA golfer would like to have the last GHIN index sticker, pick it up at the library in Kenai. Thank you to the Kenai Library staff for holding the stickers over the winter.

All KGA golfers who play "Outside" this winter may enter their scores over the winter. However, the scores will not be taken into consideration until the system is activated in the spring. Our playing season ends and the system for handicaps takes a rest over the winter also. Or you may keep your cards and enter them in the spring.

A BIG thank you to Bill Coghill, who took care of the handicapping system once again this season. Bill shows up at least once a week to check up on the handicapping and to make changes or corrections that need to be made.

Also a BIG thank you to Kathy Heus for picking up the application forms and for double-checking all the paperwork involved in keeping the current membership list.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you Kenai Golf Course for another incredible year of golfing. How many different ways can we thank the Morgan family for such a great golf course? We simply can't say it enough how much the course is appreciated.

The course has come a long way from those first seven holes that were played the first year. Your commitment to the course is evident with improvements golfers see and enjoy each year. Golfers truly appreciate all your effort, time and concern in providing such a course for all to enjoy.

With the course put to rest, our clubs stored away, and other interests being pursued let's hope for another healthy, busy and fun filled winter.

Proud to be an Alaskan!

See you around town.

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