Propositions 3, 4 would affect more than expected

Posted: Friday, October 01, 2004

I am a Nikiski resident, and I am employed in the Nikiski construction industry. I also have three kids, ages 16 and under. We are all very proud of what we have out here in Nikiski, but there is a small group of people who would like to see Propositions 3 and 4 pass. I don't believe they really understand the consequences of these propositions. All of the current existing programs, as well as future programming are at stake.

If Proposition 3 passes, recreational programming for the North Peninsula Recreation Service Area will have to start from scratch, meaning the borough attorney will have to review every single program, whether it is basketball, arts and crafts or Family Fun in the Midnight Sun, to decide whether or not this is "recreation," and whether or not it falls within the recreation service area's powers. Talking about bogging down the system. This is a big boondoggle.

For instance, if I wanted to set up a birthday party rental for one of my children at the Nikiski pool, these are the steps that have to be taken: First, I request the rental date; second, I wait until the fourth Monday of the month for the NPRSA board meeting with hopes that they will approve my request; thirdly, it has to go to the borough attorney for review to determine whether or not it is "recreation;" fourth, after what I'm sure would be a good length of time in the legal department, the decision would come back to the NPRSA board; and fifth, I would have to wait until the following board meeting to get my decision. How messed up is this? It's ridiculous. Why fix something that's not broke?

Everyone's idea of recreation is different. Running, reading, watching TV, cribbage, bingo, basketball, hiking, and the list of recreational activities can go on forever. But what is recreation for me may not necessarily be recreation for someone else. But why leave the decision for defining recreation to the borough's legal department?

The fact is, that the past as well as current NPRSA board members have done a sound job in promoting new programs, as well as development, without raising the mill rate. They have always been a responsible board, keeping in mind the needs of Nikiski residents, as well as the spending.

This small group's entire focus has been to stop the community center, but what they don't realize is if Propositions 3 and 4 pass, current existing programs and any future development for any other project is effected. We can't let these people tell us how to spend our taxes.

The bottom line is Nikiski is facing some important issues this coming Tuesday. It's important that Nikiski residents get out and vote. Vote no on Propositions 3 and 4.

Jane Griffel


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