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Posted: Monday, October 01, 2007

Hello Octobrrr! Fall winds have arrived with gusto, at times dropping leaves with the tree still attached. One fell over at Dan Duckers place on Cohoe Loop and logged a few miles on his truck. This windfall cost $20,000. Thank heavens for insurance.

Earlier a tree fell on the McLane Center museum and set off the burglar alarm. Dave Letzring wrestled the intruder off with a chainsaw.

This summer, digital subscriber line Internet services arrived at Herman Hermansen's salmon buying station on Cohoe Loop. The equipment was courtesy of ACS. Herman's neighbors pounced on the opportunity to upgrade their phone services like rowboat rentals at the Titanic. The system is full and many customers are treading water.

A cell phone tower has been erected in Fred West's yard at Tustumena Smokehouse and another is under construction at the hill where Mike and Linda Sipes live (Mile 113.5 of the Sterling Highway). Improved cell phone coverage is supposed to be the result.

Alaska has more than 500 cell phone towers (some are multiple-use). Kasilof has competing cell towers on the crest of the hill entering town and Clam Gulch has cell phone antennas on the White Alice tower. The hill at the Sipeses is 485 foot high and is far nearer the stars than the hills that the other sites are on.

It's time to go public with the privy population in Clam Gulch. According to Alaska Division of Community Advocacy, Clam Gulch is a "roadside development" with a population of 165. More than half of their homes have privies. The same source calls Kasilof "a geographic location rather than a community" and lists their population as 547. Cohoe, another "roadside development," is given a population of 1,260.

Per Osmar's 90th birthday party was a success. About 80 people came to wish him well. A few fishers from the prestatehood era were there. Among them were Herman Hermansen, John and Aileen Huey, George Jackinsky, Chuck Hawkins, Bob Clucas, Dean Osmar, Judy Johnson, Bob and Mary Haeg, and, well, my math and memory is fuzzy.

Hanna Stormo was there. Tim Osmar came hobbling in on his mending ankle. Bob Toll said Tim was going to help a blind musher run the Iditarod.

Bob mused, "It might be a cripple guiding the blind to Nome."

The crowd sang "Happy Birthday" and Per greeted everyone.

Tuesday is election day.

The meet the candidate forum at Tustumena Elementary School kept a lively conversation Thursday until 8:30 p.m., when the moderator closed down the show. Bill Holt said he was full of energy and offered a fresh perspective. Paul Fischer said he was loaded with experience and still had things to accomplish.

MaryJo McElroy, who was in the audience, said "Both candidates gave good answers to my question."

James Price took part in the forum advocating term limits and Assemblyman Gary Superman countered with opposition to the "retroactive" provision of the ballot initiative.

Fischer said this would be his last run for the assembly.

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