Taxpayer tired of paying for same thing again

Posted: Friday, October 01, 2010

In regards to the story in reference to Proposition 1 (Clarion, Sept. 28), as the School District official stated, "back then when oil was flowing ... ." I seem to have been around at that time and my dementia has not gotten the best of me yet. I recall that at that time the School District and Borough officials were selling the building of those schools with the pitch that the State of Alaska was going to pick up 90 percent of the tab. Now, they tell us that the State of Alaska is going to pick up 70 percent of the tab to fix the roofs.

Let me see, way back then the State of Alaska reneged on us -- wethe people have picked up the tab for those schools per the borough upon a formal request to justify our present taxes when the School Bonds should have been paid. What makes anyone think it won't happen again?

Also "way back then" the Borough Maintenance Department had a summer crew detailed to maintain the roofs of all School District and Borough buildings. They did an excellent job, back then. Seems to me we pay the Borough Maintenance Department, or am I mistaken? Why have the roofs been neglected to the point we need a major bond issue to repair them? If the Maintenance Department has been working on the roofs it would appear that they haven't been doing a very good job. Or do they lack qualified personnel to accomplish the task? If so, why wait until now to seek a remedy?

Another fact is that Skyview's roof was flawed from the get-go (per previously published stories) and the contractor was allowed to stall around until the "warranty" was no longer in affect and we the people picked up that tab also, while the powers that be at that time appear to have dropped the ball on responsibility. I further seem to recall that two of those schools sat empty for periods of time up to a year after construction ended. Responsibility and Accountability? Good return on tax money?

Tired of paying for something and then doing it again? Should I wonder why I should vote for Proposition 1? I do. Are the taxpayers once again being held hostage for yet more money? Your choice.

Richard Freese, Sterling

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