Readers: Clarion should not have published letter

Posted: Friday, October 01, 2010

As a loyal daily reader of our local newspaper and an Alaskan resident involved in the day to day concerns for the preservation of this Great State of Alaska, I am dismayed that you allowed the publication of the letter headlined "Murkowski should withdraw" (Clarion, Sept. 28).

I am not concerned about his position on the issue, rather Sen. Murkowski should proceed with her "Write-in Campaign" or not that is the right of all US Citizens. However, I am concerned about you allowing it to be published, as printed, without editing the letter first. First it is directed directly to Sen. Lisa Murkowski in violation to your Company policy "Letters addressed specifically to another person will not be printed; Second, although the letter may not be classified as libelous in your judgment, it does appear threatining; "If you do insist on running in the general election in Alaska, you have my word that I will allocate considerable financial resources over the remaining course of your political career to prevent you from ever holding elected office again".

All of this is coming from an unknown individual from out of state whom we know nothing about and don't know how far he is willing to go to accomplish whatever his agenda dictates. Threatening a sitting US Senator or any other person in the State of Alaska should be taken very seriously and directed to the appropriate authorities not published in the news paper. Assassinations throughout history come to mind.

Jim and Pat Livesay, Kenai

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