Altered perception leads girl down road of tough choices


Posted: Tuesday, October 02, 2007

About a year and a half ago I was introduced to someone, who I thought was a great friend at the time, named Crystal.

Soon I started hanging out with her every day. We had so much fun together until I felt like I had to be around her every day or I wasn't happy.

I asked my other friends if they felt the same way about Crystal and they said yes. One of my friends told me Crystal was addicting and life would be boring without her.

Shortly after this conversation I asked Crystal why she was so addicting. No response. I then realized that she was my best friend and I didn't even know her last name so I asked her.

"Meth" was the reply. "Crystal Meth."

I thought Crystal Meth was my friend, but she wasn't. She was just there to control me and that's exactly what I let her do. She was controlling all of the people I thought were my friends.

We had become her.

We had her addictive personality and had developed her manipulative ways. We would stop at nothing to have her and to make sure all of our so-called friends were hanging out with her.

I felt sick when I didn't have her. That's when I decided I needed to try and get away, but nothing worked.

Luckily, I was arrested on a warrant. The officer brought me to the Kenai Peninsula Youth Facility. The officers there were told to give me a UA urine analysis to test for any illegal drugs because I was acting like I was high. When the results came back positive for coke (cocaine), opiates, THC (Tetrahydrocannabino marijuana) and methamphetamines, they booked me.

I spent a month in the KPYF, and I got sober and started to think clearer. My intake officer released me to the Kenai Community Care Center. I attended public school and counseling. I was able to learn more about my addictive personality and they continued to guide me on staying sober.

After about four months of being at the center, Mrs. Grieme, my intake officer, released me to go home on conditions of release and I was to attend CICADA outpatient treatment.

I graduated from CICADA in May, and I have been sober for little over a year. I am an expectant mother. My baby is due at the end of October and I will graduate from Kenai Alternative this year.

I never thought I could get sober, especially when I was high. I had so many people supporting me through the whole process, that it made becoming sober a lot less stressful. I didn't realize how many people cared about helping teens and adults become sober from drugs and alcohol.

My advice is to stay away from drugs period! Especially from methamphetamines. For people who have never tried Crystal Meth, don't. It is not worth the perceived popularity or the high. It's not worth the money and most importantly it's not worth you.

Take a stand. Meth not even once.

This article is the opinion of Brittany West. West is a senior at Kenai Alternative High School.

Meth to be discussed

A community meeting to discuss the effects of methamphetamine titled "Methamphetamine: A Blight on Society" will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at Kenai Central High School. The topics will be information on meth, effects of meth and dangers posed by meth to the community.

Personal stories also will be given. The presentation will conclude with information about prevention and rehabilitation from local organizations. For more information, call (907) 277-1980.

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