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Can't wait 'til next year

Posted: Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Well, here we are enjoying these gorgeous sunny fall days. The Kenai Golf Course is tucked away for another winter.

Last night I finally realized it really happened when I noticed the clubhouse in darkness. I can no longer enjoy the clubhouse lights shining in the nearby trees.

Each year I go through the same mixed feelings when the course is buttoned up for the winter. I do look forward to other pursuits and interests.

However, I would much rather the season be ahead of us rather than behind us. There is nothing anyone can do about our short golfing season in Alaska. We are indeed fortunate to have the long days during the season making it possible to get in many, many rounds of golf.

Our summers are so wonderful but they just seem to fly by each year.

Kenai Golf Course once again has provided many of us a place to get together and enjoy the game of golf and to share the love of the game with others.

Thank you once again to the Morgan family for the Kenai Golf Course. It is a very special place for so many who truly enjoy the game. Many simply can't imagine Kenai without the Kenai Golf Course.

This year marked the 16th year since your greens were first watered and mowed. Please know how much the course is appreciated by the golfers who frequent the course.

GHIN Stickers

The last GHIN handicap stickers will be left at the Kenai Library once again over the winter. Those golfers interested in the final handicap stickers may pick them up at the Kenai Library.

We do thank the library staff for allowing the Kenai Golf Association to leave the handicap stickers at the library.

The Fairways

For the most part the moose, coyotes, caribou, and an occasional wolf will have the fairways to themselves over the winter. When the snow is ready the cross-country skiers also will enjoy the course on the groomed ski trails.

Hope to see some of the golfers on skis during the winter.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you to the readers of the Kenai Golf Report. I certainly have enjoyed writing the weekly report. It has been a privilege to be able to share my love of golfing and thoughts with you. Your positive comments have kept me writing the articles.

Thank you Jeff Helminiak for your patience when I was a little late in meeting the deadline. Your friendly help and pleasant smiles also have kept me writing.

Yours truly is looking forward to safer and happier times for all. This has been a very difficult past few weeks for all of us. We are in this together and all of us need to help each other so all may be healthy and safe.

No one can be alone and make it through these tough times. We need to all unite in prayer, thought, words and deeds.

Hope to run into many of you this winter. Have a very safe and healthy winter.

See you around town.

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