Opinion piece rubs reader the wrong way

Posted: Friday, October 03, 2008

I believe the article, "Is anyone sick of Sarah Palin," by Mike Nesper, a reporter for the Clarion, was the most repulsive and vulgar article that could be written about a lady who was not picked by one person, but by a group of top Republican politicians.

I don't read or look at either the Playboy or Hustler magazine, but his references appear to have came from one of these magazines. The other editorial was also degrading to McCain and Palin.

He speaks of Palin lingerie and every woman voting for Palin because they have the same equipment was as ugly as it can get. If this is the best he can do for a lady who was recognized by many others and given the opportunity to run for the second highest office in this country, then maybe he is not very happy with his occupation.

If any citizen on the Kenai Peninsula had written his editorial, as a letter to the editor, it would have never seen the light of day by the managing editor.

I feel that I had gained a better knowledge after eight years in one of those little white school houses on the prairie that he has accumulated or ever will. What I read into his rantings is that everyone who is not a Democrat is a total idiot, even though he did make an attempt in some instances to moderate his statements.

I have strong feelings that the colleges and schools of today are overrun with Left Wing and Ultra Liberals who want to turn this country over to the Socialist and Arabs and right now the U.S. of A. is in one of the most perilous times this country has ever been in, and I was born right after the Great Depression. We had no money. This one could be worse.

I love to cause people to think a little for themselves and meditate on what is happening in our country.

Paul D. Morrison


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