District 4, J.R. Myers: Government should reflect community

Posted: Sunday, October 03, 2010

Occupation: Counselor

Business and professional organizations and other interests: Myers Counseling & Consulting, American Counseling Association, Alaska Counseling Association, Kenai Peninsula Counseling Association.

Previous political experience: Currently registered as an Undeclared voter. Former Vice Chairman South, Alaskan Independence Party, former Chairman AIP SDQ. Former Chairman and officer of Montana Libertarian & Reform parties. Former elected Republican precinct committeeman, Flathead County MT Republican Central Committee.

2. Should a borough manager be hired? Why or why not?

NO! We need to maintain our present form of borough government. It would be a mistake to allow a temporary personal issue forever (short) change our local government. The KPB Mayor is the only official elected borough-wide. The Mayor represents the Executive branch of government. The Mayor is there to balance and check the Legislative branch, the Assembly. A manager would probably not have any local ties, and would be trained to treat everything from a strictly business perspective, and would always be beholden to the Assembly. On the other hand, our Mayor is able to think and act independently, and to veto Assembly decisions when necessary. The people hire and fire the Mayor directly through elections.

3. Should property tax rates be lowered, raised or remain the same?

We should strive not to raise property taxes, and to lower them when possible.

4. How do you feel about the prepared food sales tax exemption?

It is always good to decrease a tax burden when possible.

5. What's the value of local government?

Local government affects the lives of everyone in the community. It is the place where we see Democracy in action. It should most closely reflect and be responsive to the will of the community. Local government is there to provide for law enforcement, education and key aspects of local infrastructure. It should be supportive of local business. It should not strive to meet all community needs or to interject itself needlessly into the lives of residents and businesses.

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